Day With A Dick
Day With A Dick
Little Blue spending a day with Red.
Air date 3-5-2014
Written by DF Red or Blue & AndrewBrauer
Directed by DF Red or Blue
Other episodes by the author


A new orange

 Little Blue is forced to spend the day with Red. But will Blue's best friend be as bad as everybody says?



(Little Blue is waling with Red as he sings, making LB annoyed)

Little Blue: Shut up! You've sung for two hours already!

Red: (singing) Don't care what LB says! Ladies love me, cuz I'm awesome!

Little Blue: Why did Blue leave me with you?

Red: (no longer singing) Cuz he's not awesome!

Little Blue: I hate you! (thinking) I wish I could ditch this bitch!

Red: Bro, why you taking this so seriously?

Little Blue: Because I have common sense!

Red: I don't need that! I have the sense to know what to do when I see a naked girl!

Little Blue: (mocking voice) I don't need that! Nag! Nag! Nag! You're so immature!

Red: Whatever! Hey, wanna get something I like to call drunk? (chugs a beer)

Little Blue: No! Because I have something I like to call a job! And I want to keep it!

Red: You own that resturant!

Little Blue: If you must know, I am the world's top assassin the Creed! 

Red: You said ass! Plus, what does killing have to do with cream?

Little Blue: (pissed) Oh my god, shut the hell up!

Red: Whatever fart for brains!

Little Blue: You dick head!

Red: Yep, ladies love my dick!

Little Blue: You are such a wet noodle! (thinks) Let's go!

Red: Where?

Little Blue: Going to get some chinese food!

Red: Yum! (fallows LB to the GLD, but doesn't realize it's it)

Little Blue: Here, hold this! (hands Red a chow mein cardboard cut out and pushes him inside and blocks the door)

Red: (realizes what he did) Shit!

(The ninjas attack Red and he can be heard screaming from outside and makes LB feel guilty)

Little Blue: Keep it together! He deserves it!

(Red breaks through the window, and is totally out numbered)

Little Blue: Crap! (realizes he has to help Red and smiles) This is going to be fun!

(Little Blue pulls out a sword and starts chopping at the GLD ninjas, and completely dodges them)

Red: Why did you trick me? (pulls off a GLD's head and keeps fighting)

Little Blue: You were being a total dick! Besides... (keeps fighting but struggles to talk while avoiding swords) I'm helping you now, aren't I?

Red: You have a point! (shoots laser eyes at the ninjas attacking Little Blue) 


Red: You jealous?

Little Blue: No, because I have this! (pulls out his assassin chip and presses it) Connor!

Red: You can become other people?!?

Connor: Yes! And these men will make quite fine coats!

Red: Coats?

Connor: With their skins of course!  (gets out his tomahawk and peels a ninja's skin)

Red: Sick!

(they finish off the ninjas and steal some chow mein)

Little Blue: (chomping) This is obviously the best!

Red: Told 'ya! (swallows the whole thing with the bowl and spoon and burps)

Little Blue: I'm stuffed! (pushes the bowl of chow mein away and Red sucks it out of the bowl) Dude, you're almost as crazy as this Fifi chick I've heard about.

Red: But not as retarded.

Little Blue: I have to agree, I just hope I never meet her...

(Fifi jums through the window and lands on the table)

Fifi: You have a snuggly hood!

Red and Little Blue: Oh fuuuuuuuuu-


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