Depressing Day with Fifi
Request 8
I just love that silly girl.
Air date June 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13 and Alpha-Lonewolf
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 Having been fed up with Fifi being around Wolf all the time, Bruce tries to find a way to make her be obsessed with him which is what both the guys would like. Which is why Wolf is going to help Bruce out.



(Bruce is seen walking down the city with Fifi on his back)

Bruce: (annoyed) Fifi stop getting cookie crumbs on my head!

Fifi: Crumbs? Those are monkey men from planet tootsie roll.

Bruce: (laughs) I just love that girl. (suddenly Fifi jumps off Bruce and runs up to Wolf after seeing him) Not again!

Wolf: Not again!

Bruce: Seriously Fifi!? Again!?

Fifi: (tackles Wolf in a hug) Super Hero Wolfy!


Bruce: WHY is she so obsessed with you!?

Wolf: I wish I could reverse it

Bruce: Reverse what?

Wolf: Her obsession. I tried killing her, torturing her, and insulting her and nothing is working!

Bruce: Well that's because she's the dumbest person EVER!

Fifi: I want to be Superman!

Wolf: Thanks for proving our point.

Bruce: How about you, (pulls out time machine) go back in time and stop your past self from saving Fifi.

Wolf: And possibly revive every person I killed or you ever meeting her alive? yeah great plan stick head

Bruce: I have a name you know! But then again I don't think she'll ever be obsessed with me. (walks away and Fifi stops him) What do you want!?

Fifi: Sticks and stones could break my bones but words will never hurt me!

Bruce: WHAT!?

Wolf: She talks in random moments, get used to it.

Bruce: Alright Wolf we need to talk, So you don't like Fifi but I do, so how did she become so obsessed with you?

Wolf: I mistakenly saved her from some gang. I thought they were just there causing trouble and I wanted to kill them.

Fifi: Wolfy is fluffy with a plum for a nose.

Bruce: So maybe if I saved her from some gang, you think she'll become obsessed with me?

Wolf: That is a big maybe.

Bruce: I'll give it a try.

Fifi: Use the force Stick head.

(the next day, Fifi is seen in a cookie shop when 3 street gangs come inside)

Fifi: Hello friends!

Gang Member 1: (grabs Fifi's neck) Are you messing with us!?

Fifi: no I am eating cookies

Gang Member 2: Oh so you're eating cookies are you!? (grabs a cookie) Here's what WE think of cookies! (hand crushes cookie into little pieces, the gang members laugh while Fifi kneels down and starts crying)

Wolf: (watches from a distance and face palms) Not again.


Bruce: (walks in cookie shop) Leave her alone!

Gang Member 2: Oh really? What are YOU going to do about it?

Wolf: Bruce get out of there!

Bruce: Dude! This is my only chance to win Fifi!

Fifi: (Gets Angry) You killed desecrated my COOKIES!!!

Bruce: Oh shit! RUN!!! (He and Wolf run out of the cookie shop)

Wolf: Come on we'll think of another plan.

Bruce: Like what?

(Shop explodes with flower petals)

Wolf: (thinks) Hmm.

Bruce: Hmm?

Wolf: I got it!

Bruce: Oh thank god you thought of a plan!

(Next Day while Fifi was sleeping)

Bruce: You think this will work?

Wolf: It should, this guy has had it in for me since that thing with Fox.

Gerald Butler: (crashes through the window and throws Fifi in a sack. takes out a radio) Earl Grey I have the one our unknown source has said that is very important to Wolf.

Earl Gray: Excellent! Now bring that thing to my warehouse! (laughs)

Gerald Butler: On my way.

Wolf: Worked like a charm.

(Wolf and Bruce follow after Gerald Butler to the warehouse)

Bruce: This plan will work perfectly!

Wolf: Of course it will, I thought of it.

Earl Gray: Now release this person from the bag!

(Fifi falls out of the sack)

Fifi: Where am I? Who are you peanut man?

Earl Grey: I, my dear, am Earl Grey! The most evil British robot man alive. I have a source that tells me you are very important to my arch enemy Wolf.

Fifi: Yay! I'm important to Wolfy!

Wolf: (Facepalms) why did it feel like i just kicked myself in the balls?

Bruce: (excited) Soon she will be mine!

Gerald Butler: Yes you are and we shall strike a deadly blow to Wolf as we lock you up forever never to see him again.

Fifi: (scared) NO! Please! I don't want to be away from Wolfy!

Wolf: That sounds like heaven.

(Emily randomly pokes Wolf from behind)

Wolf: Damn it Emily stop it! we are trying to get a plan to work!

Emily: A plan? A plan for what?

Wolf: to get Fifi off my back.

Bruce: Shit! Now's my cue!

Wolf: Oh wait Bruce watch out for... (Bruce leaves without hearing Wolf)

Earl Grey: But I'm afraid you WILL be away from Wolf my dear! (laughs)

Bruce: Don't worry Fifi! I'm coming!

Earl Grey: I say, who is that?

Bruce: The name's Bruce douchebag, and let Fifi go before I bring you a moment of pain!

Earl Grey: We shall see who gives a serving of pain.

Bruce: Oh really? (whistles and a bunch of street gang members jump out) Take out the grey one with the weird hat while I take out the guy with the stupid mustache.

(Earl Grey taps his cane on the ground and Bangers and Mash crash though a wall and starts crushing the street gang)

Bruce: The fuck!?

(shows Wolf looking from a far distance talking on his radio to Bruce)

Wolf: That's what I tried to warn you about!

Bruce: (speaks on radio) Well why didn't you tell me earlier!?

Wolf: Stupidity jumps into danger first.

Earl Grey: Quite pathetic, quite.

Gerald Butler: Butlers! do Earl Grey's dirty work!

(Bruce begins fighting the butlers, first he simply bumps two heads together and then Bruce uses his shotgun and shoots 5 butlers at once. Finally Bruce throws Gerald Butler at Earl Grey who spills his tea)

Earl Grey: NO! Not my precious tea!

Bruce: Time to finish you two off. (pushes Earl and Gerald out the building and they both fall into fire near the warehouse)

Earl Grey: (falls in water) NO! Water is my weakness! (dies)

Bangers: (grabs Bruce's neck) You think you pretty good?

Bruce: I guess I am. (pokes Bangers in the eye then Bangers lets Bruce go in pain)

Mash: John Cleese!

Bruce: (looks at Earl Grey's cup of tea) Hmm, I think I know what to do. (throws the cup at Mash who melts)

Bangers: Mash! NOOO!! (turns to Bruce) You killed my brother!

Bruce: That's right dick! Your brother is dead! (suddenly a bit of emo ray fires at Bangers who dies)

Bloser: (flies in) Sorry guys, I was just testing my emo ray, did I hit anyone?

Bruce: Nope, good timing by the way.

Bloser: Oh alright then. (flies away)

(Fifi comes out of cover and hugs Bruce tightly)

Fifi: Thank you Stick Head!

Bruce: (hugs back) No problem Fifi!

Fifi: Now I can see Wolfy again!

(shows Wolf looking from a far place)

Wolf: Will this nightmare ever end?

Bruce: (facepalms) Shit, the plan didn't work! Now she's still not obsessed with me!

Fifi: Don't worry Stick Head, I'll come see you after.

Bruce: (realizes) Okay maybe the plan DID work after all.


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