Derek is an amazing assassin dude.

Daily Life

Most of his daily life is spent at D.I.C.K.S HQ, where, if not assassinating anybody, spends his time with the other members and plays on his PS4 all day long. His favorite game is Fez. He has a weird fascination with Cameron, although he insists he's straight. Yeah, sure.


While most children his age were busy playing with Transformers and crap, Derek was busy with his mom in the woods, hunting and killing game animals for survival. By the time he was 6, he only cried once. But only when he missed a headshot.

He was the biggest and most feared kid in school. Nobody picked on him, and if some helpless soul were to pick on him, you could be sure that the place that kid will be staying for the next couple of months is the ER.


Derek joined D.I.C.K.S at the age of 27, where he works as a tactical assassin. He's usually partnered with Issac, the machine specialist and "total nerd", as dubbed by Derek, of the group.

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