So this is a story about how BlueMod enters the Dick Figures Universe after a certain attack. And so sorry it's not

Air date Tuesday, April 23 2013
Written by NOT PAUL
Other episodes by the author

None so far.

None so far.

 funny. In fact, it sounds so serious and all.

Welp, because this is somewhat an interactive fic, so I can get some of you in the story at the next chapters and all. I'll be listening what do you think because welp... I'm new and all ehehe. I swear it'll be funny next time. and sorry because it's so short :3

Enjoy the story~

Oh and be warned. Some vulgar words ahead.

Shamefully I have no idea how to put a poll so just comment if you have critiques, ok? (^ ^") ok?

Episode Summary

BlueMod appears into the Dick Figures Universe oh darn this sounds so lame what the hell am I even thinking.


-Screen is black, rumbles of thunder could be heard in the background. Then a loud thunderclap could be heard and screen shows a scene where glass-matter shatters around from the sky and a blue figure fell down from the sky, glass shards around her, in slow motion-

What is happening again? Oh yeah...

-BlueMod somewhat stares at the 'screen' as she desperately tried to grasp something (the reade/viewer) in slow motion, but she kept falling anyway-

Darn, how come I lose against those Threats....?

-slow motion ends, BlueMod plummeting to the ground from the sky-

BlueMod: -eyes wide as she was falling head first from the sky in high speed- HOLY SHIT!! -looks around- Nick?! NICK?!

-she kept falling when something seemed to fell towards her from far away-

BlueMod: -saw the thing- Tchh... YOU NEVER HAD ENOUGH, HUH?!! -turns on her back and suddenly has dual katanas on her hands- -glowing circles with binary symbols appeared around her feet and she launched herself towards the monster using that-

Monster: -Is a huge shadow-like creature with somehow dripping black liquid from its green, glowing eye sockets and long claws and many hands. It screeches and attacks her with its huge claws-

BlueMod: -blocks its claws- .....You never got to fulfill that need of yours, huh, Greed? -growls-

Greed: Must... Must have more... More, more, MORE!! -voice repeating like a mantra, in a distorted and fuzzy voice- MINE!! I HAVE TO HAVE EVERYTHING!! MINE!!

BlueMod: Tchh... annoying... YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT YOU GREEDY BASTARD!! -pushes it away and slices it-

Greed: -roars in pain-

BlueMod: Cih!! -blocks a swipe from its other arms-

Greed: More!! More!! I have to have it!! I have to own it!!

BlueMod: DO SHUT UP!! -already changed weapons into boomerangs and throws them at it-

Greed: -took it and inserts it to its constantly changing body- MINE!!

BlueMod: -eye twitches- Oh you got to be kiddi-- WHOA!! -dodges as it launches the boomerangs back to her-

Greed: Bored!! Bored!! No fun!! I want that one!! That one!! -all arms extended at BlueMod- 

BlueMod: WATCH IT YOU--!! -slicing the arms- -grabbed by one arm and was slammed to the road beneath them- urghh... holy fuck.... that hurts...

-Everyone seemed to be surprised around her-

StickGuy 1: Holy shit what was that earthquake?!

StickGuy2 : What in the fuck?!!

BlueMod: -got up and groans- Shit...

-No-one acknowledges her and went away running-

BlueMod: Good thing they can't see Threats or Moderators or we're all screwe-- -tossed to teh air and slammed repeatedly to the ground before she was sent flying to a building wall- -slid down and oughs some debris- FUCK YOU, I'M NOT EVEN DONE TALKING!!

Greed: MINE!!

BlueMod: -dodges as more arms flies at her, trying to grab her- -seen to rip off some pages from a really small notebook and toss them to the air- SAI!! -all paper shone and turns to different hugeass swords with beautiful ornaments and in gold, silver, blue, and even more- GO!! -all swords points at Greed and stabbed through it-

Greed: -screamed with pain as it drools out black liquid- -hands twitching, writhing, and it cackles madly as they groped around the swords- MINE!! MINE!! ALL MINE!! EHEHAHAHAHAHEHA!! ALL MINE!!

BlueMod: That is fucking disturbing.

Greed: Mine, Mine!! -keeps chanting although it's in pain-

BlueMod: This one has no Hosts in it... Alright, let's get this over with... -grabs a piece of paper and pulls out a sword from it- -walks towards the Threat and glares at it- .....You cannot have anything you like in this world. Everything has its owners.

-She watches as it keeps writhing about, black liquid dripping and splotching all over the ground-

BlueMod: .... -sighs- Your greed as taken you too far, and now you're hurting yourself. See? Acquiring everything made you big, fat, and ugly. No-one likes you. -raises her sword-

....You have to be purified.

-she brings the sword down on its head and the screen went black as a loud screech could be heard-

-screen fades on again as she walks down the road, alone in the dark-

BlueMod: Shit... now where in the flying fuck am I...?

Man's voice: ....W-Wait... Y-You...?!!!

BlueMod: -turns- .... -Saw Grox standing there, bewildered, his plastic bag full od grocery fell to the asphalt-

Grox: ...You...!!

BlueMod: -faces him and smirks- ...'ts been a long time, old goat.

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