Df was a system meant to monitor the debate over Red and Blue, which explains his name. He, by mistake, was made a cyborg.

Social Life

Df didn't have a social life until Zach Keller thought it as unfair he wasn't getting breaks, and he was let into the world. (Like Free Willy or, whatever) His purpose drove him to the Fanon, and takes frequent breaks to get back to what he was made to do. He likes to watch the series on YouTube, and keep in touch with the creators of it. He for an unknown reason, has an EXTREMELY deep hatred for crime, and uses his robot side to help stop it. Both his arms are mechanical, and can turn into a long-ranged cannons that shoots out balls of energy (he calls them the DF Buster, named after MegaMan's Mega Buster). Even though he has a robot side, he is sensitive, and usually gets very mad if upset. His robot side also makes him faster, fireproof, the ability to be reassembled, have more energy, and more durable. He also has this life goal to make his idol, MegaMan, a reality. He can also transform into any mechanical item (except the Death Star, not accomplished yet) but it will have his color scheme and his head (and sometimes his arms) at the top.