Dfmovie is a little parody YoshiRocker13 made for asdfmovie.

YoshiRocker13: Hey guys, I know my chat is still being shit and it may take some time to figure out what's going on, but that doesn't stop me from making for more episodes. In fact, to make up for the whole temper, I present to you this Dick Figures parody of asdfmovie, the famous cartoon made by YouTube user Tomska. I love asdfmovie as much as Dick Figures, so if you have the time, please watch this and I hope you like it! And don't worry, we'll be having more episodes soon! Oh and BTW, you may notice a little someone at the beginning of the video.

Dfmovie (asdfmovie parody)01:23

Dfmovie (asdfmovie parody)


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