Dick Figures: Fanons Unite - Clip 4
DFFU Clip 12
Long time no see Sparky.
Air date March 9, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13, Mdkid663
Directed by YoshiRocker13
Other episodes by the author

Dick Figures: Fanons Unite - Clip 3


  In this clip, we're gonna see a small bit of a fight to Magnus and Shock.


(Shock appears in front of Spark)

Rapper: SHOCK!?

Shock: Yes, I have returned! And I've brought someone to help me.

(A magnet charges behind Rapper and hits him)

Rapper: THE FUCK!?!

(Magnus appears behind Rapper and slashes him his his sword)

Spark: MAGNUS!?

Magnus: Long time no see Sparky.

Red: (tries not to laugh) Sparky.

Blue: Red, this isn't the time.

(Rapper deflects the sword with his)

Rapper: Nice try you cunt bag!

(Mangus controls his magnet ball and converts it into lasers fires Rapper from every direction)

(Rapper deflects some lasers with help from Red, Blue and Raccoon)

Raccoon: You have skirr, but we have TEAMWORK! (jumps and slashes Magnus)

Magnus: (block Raccoon's sword) Is that so? Shock!

Shock: (fires yellow lightning balls at Raccoon, who deflects them and deflects one right at Magnus)

Trollz0r: Man, I gotta help mah best friend bro! (runs off)

Red: No dude! It's too dangerous!

(Magnus control Shock's lightning ball and convert into another magnet sword)

Ryle: You dumbass!

Trollz0r: Don't worry brah. (Me Gusta Face) I got gaming powers.

Ryle: How the fuck will that even work!?

Trollz0r: Hey blue bro!

Shock: WHAT!?

Trollz0r: (presses a button on his controller and some spaceships appear and fire lasers at Shock) Wolf taught me a lot.

Spark: Really!? Wow!

(Trollz0r presses another button and a three headed dragon appears behind Magnus, each of them fire ther breaths at Magnus including Fire, Acid and Ice)


(Magnus deflects the lasers with his reflectors at the spaceships and shields himself inside his barrier)

Magnus: It'll take a lot to kill us!

(the three headed dragon uses it's weight to crush and shatter the barrier Magnus was in, also crushing him)

(Trollz0r presses a green button to put a shield around the dragon)

Magnus: (almost injured and he pants) Damn! Who is Wolf anyway!?

Lord Tourettes: We're not telling you SHIT!


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