Dick Figures: Fanons Unite - Trailer
Trailer Poster
Air date TBD
Written by YoshiRocker13, Alpha-Lonewolf, Mdkid663, CookieEyes.
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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The World's End - Final Trailer


 Here is the full-length trailer to Dick Figures: Fanons Unite. Join the fanons on their big adventure to save the world from Saigron and the villians from destroying the city.


(shows the logos for DF Fanon, Mondo Media, & Six Point Harness. It then shows scenes from Fanon School)

Rapper: (angry) Why would you tell the principal on me!? I thought you were my friend!

Bruce: I am but you've been bullying me too and I just hate it!

Steve: Hmm. Are you new here?

Holly: No. I came here last year.

Steve: (blushes) Wow. Interesting.

Fox: (to Wolf) That's it, we are going to be friends forever no matter what.

(Then cuts to the present day. Red & Wolf are lying on the floor drunk.)

Wolf: Hey, hey Red guess what?

Red: What?

Wolf: (Speaks in a hush tone) The ceiling is staring at me...and it has lovely eyes.

Red: So beautiful...

(Cuts to the city burning with flames as people run from the fire.)


(Cuts to Holly slapping Steve)

Holly: YOUR SUCH A JERK! Why would you leave me at a time like this!?

Steve: But I'm sorry!

Rapper: Spark! Where's Jess!? Isn't she with you!?

Spark: No! Why!?


Spark: WHAT!?!?

(Shows Midnight Blaze dodging lightning bolts by Shock.)

Midnight Blaze: Yo! What’s up with you?

Spark: (to Shock) Hey! Asshole!

Shock: DON'T TALK SHIT! (shoots lightning bolt at Spark)

(A scream is heard off-screen.)

Midnight Blaze: (gasps in shock and concern) Kari-chan! (runs off)

Dark Doom: (to Wednesday) Another move babe, and this one will die.

Lord Tourettes: (crying) Help me!

Ryle: (to Dark Doom) Hey! Fuckface!

Dark Doom: (uses left arm and poisons Ryle) You underestimate me!

(Wednesday hesitates and just stands still. Darla then teleports behind LT and teleports somewhere else with him.)

Ryle: (growls) (punches Dark Doom while being poisoned)

(shows Vio fighting Let)

Let: I will turn you to the dark side Vio and you will be my apprentice!

Vio: I'll never join you Let!

Let: You would if you knew who I was.

Vio: (shocked) What do you mean?

(Shows Blue hugging Pink & Blink in fear.)

Blue: I won't lose you! (a nuke heads straight for them)

(It shows a dark figure sitting on top of a building. As the smoke clears, Saigron is revealed.)

Saigron: All of creation will crumble in my darkness and fear me.

(All characters look up in fear.)

Red: We're fucked.

Wednesday & Darla: You said it.


JULY 16TH, 2014.

(Scene fades to black as Saigron's laugh is heard.)

-trailer ends-


Immediate Music - Def Con02:19

Immediate Music - Def Con


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