Dick Figures: Fanons Unite Announcement
Movie Trailer
This isn't going to work!
Air date 17-5-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
Location Development Studio
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First Trailer


 Red, Blue & Rapper are discussing situations about an upcoming movie. The first trailer has been released for the most awesome movie of all time.



Blue: (holding a sheet) No, no, no! This isn't going well!

Red: What's up?

Blue: Our plans for a new Dick Figures movie might not turn out so well!

Rapper: And how is that possible?

Blue: Look at this sheet!

Rapper: (looks at the sheet) I see....

Blue: It's unknown If we are able to create a Dick Figures Fanon movie! Because as you know our Fanon episodes aren't even animated! Their always scripts!

Rapper: Well that's because it's a FANON wiki! Ed & Zack can't just animate it and if we even post this movie on YouTube we'll get sued!

Blue: Well maybe this could be a FANON movie!

Rapper: (glares) Well of course you were gonna think that.

Red: Now hold on! We'll have to get a LOT of people to be in this movie!

Blue: Well I know! But this movie doesn't come out until next year!

Rapper: (rolls eyes) All this talk has put me in the mood for drinking! TO THE BAR!!!

Blue: Yeah I'll take a break too.

Red: (walks off) And afterwards let's go buy some prostitutes!

(shows title card)



-Trailer Ends-

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