Don again
" You're joking? Right? "






Jacob (Best friend), Hope, Nate, Red, Blue, Allen, Zendora, Nicki, Jade, Jones, Twilight, Randy, and Rita (Sort of)


The Dark Figure that contently appears.

Sexual Orientation




Weapon of choice

Her brain (And sometimes a koshirigami)


Lime Green



Height/ Weight


Don is a fictional character in the Dick Figures universe, she is a telepath and is very powerful, plus she's nice and fun. But is hiding a dark secret as she fears that there's something evil inside of her, which is why she's closed off when it comes to her powers. Even her best friends know very little, she fears that they would be scared of her. She sometimes thinks of herself as a "monster" and is insecure of that. If she's mad then she'll lose control of her powers due to her overwhelming emotions, which can cause mild damage, (Brocken glass, widnows, tree falling down ect.) or serious catastrophe, (earthquakes, volcanoes, maybe the destruction of the world).


Don doesn't share her childhood with anyone, when she was 13 she ran away. She made new friends at the age of 14 and started going to school. Not much is known about her childhood, but it has been mentioned that she lost her mother, though the cause is unknown. She is hiding something from her friends now, but hopes that if she ignores it, it will go away. When she gets angry, her eyes will become full of red smoke, but only for a second. Just because she can read minds doesn't make her smart, but she still manages to be clever with others. Don is being tracked down by several people, some for testing, some for revenge and one person for something else.


  • Mind reader
  • Moves things with her mind.
  • Can make explosions with her mind, but it weakens her.
  • Still learning her powers.                              


【JubyPhonic】Lyrics 【Kagerou Days】English Vers04:01

【JubyPhonic】Lyrics 【Kagerou Days】English Vers.

(Note; This song is kinda sad)

Hatsune Miku - Nonsense Speaker (English Cover) 【JoyDreamer】04:14

Hatsune Miku - Nonsense Speaker (English Cover) 【JoyDreamer】


Red-Shadows Lyrics03:22

Red-Shadows Lyrics

This captures her personality pretty well.


Play Date Regular Show Cartoon Network00:49

Play Date Regular Show Cartoon Network

Same as CJ


  • Don hates it when people invade her privacy. (Due to the fact that she's hiding something).
  • Don is short for Donnell, a nickname for some people.
  • When Don was young, she was locked away from the rest of the world, because she has great power.
  • Don hasn't quite mastered her powers yet.
  • Don has other powers, that are yet to be discovered.
  • Is considered to be a bad artist.
  • Don claims that her mind reading has a down side. (Like accidentally reading the mind of a creepy hobo).
  • Don was an outcast in highschool, unlike Hope.
  • Don has an alter-ego known as "The Masked Assassin", because that's the only way to rebel against the masked man.
  • Don has a dark destiny, as she says that "Destiny can eat shit and die".
  • Don never hurts a friend, but you don't want to get on her bad side which will lead to death in some cases.
  • Must be calm, or her powers will go crazy.
  • Don is very powerful, but hasn't met her full power yet. 
  • Don lives in the same apartment building as Jacob.
  • Loves to (playfully) tease her friends, the fact that she can rwad minds helps with this. 


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