Dot is a goth kid that is also have a club like Danger. Dot started to be Goth when he notice that all he see is sadness and killing when he was young. When he was goth, he knew that something isn't work. He saw a knife on his table and have a ideas. He hold the knife, he look down his body a was ready, he little bit stab himself down to his two hands and legs to a line. His body started to bleed.

Started Now

He didn't have any sisters or brothers. He notice that if he was goth, he could write poetry. His parents didn't care for his look, they cared about his grades. Dot did something to his room later on and didn't care.

When his parents looked at it, all they could see was black and red. When his mother ran to the store to buy him some new clothes, his father wanted him to play a sport, any sport Dot can pick. Dot refused the offer.

Also, Dot's parents are happy people. As for Dot, he wants to be alone. When his mother came back, she showed some new clothes for Dot. Dot held a black and red spray paint in his hands and spray them on the clothes.

Then his parents were thinking about him going to school. When he went to school in second grade, the kids talked about him. When the teacher passed out the uniform for the school they have to wear, Dot refused the offer and was kicked out of school.

He went to another school and was kicked out once again because of his look. Then in fourth grade, he started at a school and wasn't kicked out. He really hated it. As he was starting his club, all the goth kids came in.

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