Dragged to Hell
Road Trip
Air date 9-6-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
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 Fed up with the times Blue doesn't enjoy 'fun' things, Red decides to take Blue out for a simple road trip, well maybe it won't be simple but a little crazy.



(in Red & Blue's apartment, it shows a huge mess with both Red & Blue asleep on the floor, Blue wakes up)

Blue: Ughhh my head. (places hand on forehead) What the? Red! Stop forcing me to get drunk!

Red: (talks in sleep) I don't wanna have man sex with Blue.

Blue: Gross! Wake up! (slaps Red)

Red: GAAAH!!! (slaps Blue) What the fuck man!?

Blue: Red! Don't ever get me into these stupid parties EVER AGAIN! (begins vacuuming the floor)

Red: Aw come on dude! That was fun!

Blue: Well not for me!

Red: Why don't you ever have fun on these parties!?

Blue: I can give you 3 reasons! One: You forced me to drink beer and I almost choked! Two: You once again did the Freshman 15 challenge again! And Three: YOU MESSED THIS PLACE UP AND I FELL ASLEEP!!!

Red: You should really learn to have fun sometimes! The only times you have fun is when you celebrate something LAME!

Blue: (annoyed) Just SHUT UP! (continues cleaning the floor)

(Timecut, shows Red walking down the street with beer when Rapper accidentally knocks Red over and drops his beer)

Red: (gasps) MY BABY! Oh wait, Boobs are my baby. Dude what the heck was that for!?

Rapper: Sorry dude, I'm kinda busy right now! (shoots behind him at some street gangs) That's the last of them.

Red: Dude I'm just like real fucked up right now!

Rapper: Why?

Red: It's like Blue never wants to have the same fun I have.

Rapper: Well I think I have a plan to get him to have some fun! (whispers unknown words in Red's ear)


Red: So I thought maybe we could go to the museum but can I drive?

Blue: (sighs) Okay, but don't crash like last time.

Red: Last time?

(Flashback begins)

(Shows Red driving the car while drinking)

Blue: Red stop drinking and driving! You'll crash!

(soon the car crashes into the apartment, Mr. Dingleberry walks out)

Mr. Dingleberry: Now what did you assholes do this time?

Red: Nothing! (drinks again)

Blue: (face palms) God damn it Red!

(Flashback ends)

Red: Oh yeah.

Blue: Let's just go. (gets in car)

(Timecut, Red is driving but he passes the museum leaving Blue suspicious)

Blue: Uh Red? You just passed the museum!

Red: I think I noticed that! (suddenly ties up Blue and putting duct tape on Blue's mouth)

Blue: (muffled words) RED! WHAT THE FUCK!?

Red: Whoo! Sal Sagev here we come!

(soon the gang arrive in Sal Sagev and meet up with other guys)

Rapper: I told you the plan would work! (begins smashing the car)

Blue: Rapper! What the fuck!? Why did you do that!?

Rapper: So you can't go home! We brought you here to understand OUR type of fun!

Lord Tourettes: Yeah! It'll be a piece of SHIT!

Blue: But I don't want to do this!

Raccoon: At reast give yourserf a chance.

Trollz0r: (okay face) Please?

Blue: (groans) Fine!

Red: WHOO! Party time!

(inside Red is seen talking to a lady)

Red: Excuse me baby pardon my spanish language but, Quiero follarte! (I wanna fuck!)

Woman: Wow! I just love spanish! What does that mean?

Red: It means I wanna FUCK!

Woman: Whoo! (begins making out with Red)

Blue: (sits at a bar) Ugh I can't take this anymore.

Red: Dude come here! (pulls Blue)

Manager: Ah sir, you know how to play craps?

Red: This guy does!

Blue: No! I'm not crapping!

Red: Just do it! (throws fist at Blue)

Blue: Ugh fine! (tries crapping but only poops out one poop)

Red: Come on dude do it harder! (slaps Blue and he suddenly starts crapping alot)

Blue: Gaah my ass!

Manager: My! That was better then the last one!

Blue: I did it?

Red: Having fun?

Blue: Wow! I am really, (recognises) HAVING THE WORST TIME OF MY LIFE!!! (walks away)

Raccoon: Just admit it Red, dat-a Brue wirr never have fun rike you.

Red: (sighs) Maybe your right.

Blue: (sits at a bar) This is just not right.

Bartender: Could I get you anything sir?

Blue: Nah I'm good. (suddenly looks both ways) Actually can I just have 1 bottle of beer?

Bartender: (hands Blue the beer) Here you go.

Blue: (slowly drinks) Not bad I guess. Actually that was pretty good! (drinks more)

Red: (scares Blue) Ha! You ARE having a great time!

Blue: What? No I'm not! I'm just drinking beer! That's all! (drinks beer)

Red: Yeah? Well it won't be long before you get drunk!

Blue: (realises) Uhhh. (drinks all of the beer suddenly becoming drunk) Wow! Party time!

Red: Hah! He's now one of us!

Rapper: Well maybe the plan worked after all!

(soon Blue is seen chugging a bottle of beer)

All: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

(Blue finishes the beer)

All: YEAH!!!

(soon Blue is seen making out a girl)

Blue: Let's just say lady that I sure do like to... (pulls her towards him) Ich denke, Ihr nur die sexiest Frau überhaupt. (I think your just the sexiest lady ever.)

Girl: Wow, you sure know what to say with ladies.

Lord Tourettes: Yo babe! (pulls out a twenty dollar note) Put that twenty up your ASS!


(Blue wakes up on the floor)

Blue: Huh? What happened?

Red: Dude that party was AWESOME!

Rapper: (wakes up) Ugh, I don't remember what happened last night.

Red: I did! I recorded EVERYTHING! (puts on video)


(Everyone is seen with shocked faces)

Rapper: I won $1,000 on slot machines?

Lord Tourettes: Holy SHIT! Lady Tourettes is going to kill me!

Blue: I can't believe I did ALL that! I feel so embarrased!

Raccoon: I wirr never forget dis night.

Red: So Blue? What did you think of the party?

Blue: (angry) Red! That was.... (starts to smile) The best party I ever had.

Red: Yeah! (hi-fives Blue)

Rapper: Wait where's Trollz0r?

(shows Trollz0r still drunk driving a car running over people)

Trollz0r: (Aww Yea face) Why is there a steering wheel in my bedroom?

-Episode Ends-

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