Andrew Brauer
Yeah… I'm that awesome.
Vital statistics
Title Creator
Gender Male
Species Human
Nickname(s) Andrew, Mountain Drew, Brauer, AB
Status Alive
Friends Most of my OC's, and other OC's on here.
Enemies Anyone who is considered a villain
Job Writer/Director
Sexual Orientation Straight
Age 18 (In real life)

22 (In Dick Figures)

Nationality American
Known for Creating Awesome EP's, RP's, and OC's
Date of birth November 19, 1996
Weapon of choice Guns mostly
favorite game The Sims
Color Blue
IQ Average
Height 6'3
Weight 190
Likes Music, Movies, and other personal activities
Voice Actor Me
Accent American
Hobbies Writing
Favorite Color Blue
Times dead None


The writer, Director, and of course creator of Lightshow and many of his other OC's. Drew has changed the Dick Figures universe forever by making a show within a show. Now Drew has come into this world. I find the crazy, dark, perilous, and often exciting adventures to be a wild rush and makes me feel something I don't experience in the real world. I have no superpowers or superhuman skills, but my creative ideas for stories and characters makes me a true winner on here. I'm very used to be around any OC, whether Male, Female, Superhuman, Evil, or whatever.


AndrewBrauer a.k.a Drew is of course myself. I was a normal teenager turned into an adult stick figure. My ultimate power is to make amazing stories that are wild, clever, unpredictable, dirty, smart, and heartfelt at places just right. I don't remember how I came into the Dick Figures Universe, but I woke up on a train and was nearly kidnapped, thankfully Jade was there to rescue me and introduced me properly to everyone. So far, I'm an up-and-coming screenwriter and amateur filmmaker in the process. When I find myself in the Dick Figures universe, I see what everyone is up to and join in. Whether it's to grab a drink and deal with Simon and Alice's relationship problems at Ball Busters, or visit Jade and Jones in their home and go on an adventure of some kind. But for all they know, I control what story they get tangled up in next.


  • Expert Driver. (for my age)
  • Mastermind storyteller.


  • The power to make stories and characters.


  • Playing video games.
  • Making videos.
  • Writing stories and screenplays.
  • Hanging out with my (real) friends.
  • (Sometimes) Drawing.
  • Watching TV


Main Theme


M.I.A. - Paper Planes Instrumental

Fight Theme

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Deluxe OST - Disc Three - 07 - Escape Or Fight04:00

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Deluxe OST - Disc Three - 07 - Escape Or Fight

Relax Theme

Ty-Dolla$ign Ft.B.o.B03:11

Ty-Dolla$ign Ft.B.o.B.- Paranoid Instrumental

Party Theme



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