A new and unique character to the DF universe. Dude is half human and half cartoon. He is not dangerous but someone you would want to avoid for other reasons. He cannot kill or be killed but he can feel pain and give pain. His origins is unknown to how he came into the DF universe.


Just like a cartoon, Dude cannot die.He came to the city one day and started goofing around causing comical mayhem. He can't kill but he can put people in a cast by either dropping a safe on them or blowing them up with TNT. Dude is friendly but can be a bit of a nuisance by his comical actions.


  • Pulls out Mallets and TNT from no where
  • Makes weird faces
  • Can't kill
  • Appears places at random.
  • Fast running speed


  • Can't die
  • Can survive high falls
  • Can get flattened and live after being smashed



Drown or Burn02:40

Drown or Burn

Voice of Dane Cook


Super Mario Land Music - Muda Kingdom01:16

Super Mario Land Music - Muda Kingdom

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