Eleven's Skin
Eleven's Skin






Assassination, Liquification, Sublimation and DNA mimicry



Eleven's own weapon is own skin. Eleven can use his skin in many ways such as stealth, recon and full out combat. Eleven can also mimic any material to harden or soften his skin. The material for the skin is however unknown.

Skin Facts

Eleven can use his skin in many different ways. For stealth he turns into a shadow and can sneak into enemy bases without being noticed and can assassinate any enemy. Eleven has mimicry that can copy any material such as fire, water, ice, metal, carbon, glass and anything else. Eleven can also shatter any magic forcefield. Eleven can stretch his limbs in limitless lentghs and can use his whole body as a shield. For recon his turns into gassy substance into merge into a enemy's mind to get him the information he is hiding. He can copy the DNA of others to access any locked doors in many hideouts. And finally for full combat he can change his body parts into many weapons such as blades, claws, hammer, giant fists, drills and rapiers. He can also tear off his skin to form into firearms such assault rifles and rocket launchers.

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