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Ellen is a fictional character on the web series Dick Figures. She is a new girl who Blink has a crush on. After he saves her from a trio of bullies, the two became real close.

Social Life

We see Ellen for the first time in The School Girl, where she goes to Elementary School for her first day. She then caught the eyes of Blink, who had a crush on her. Throughout the rest of the day Blink has been doing nice things for Ellen like giving her flowers, drawing her pictures and hanging out.

Then during lunch, Ellen was picked on by Bullies who prepared to beat her up for hanging out with Blink. However Blink comes in and saves her from the trio. Ellen was thankful for Blink and they became really close, so close that even Ellen gave Blink a kiss on the cheek.

In Jealousy 2, Ellen was jealous of Blink being with Lass, so Alice helped her express feelings towards Blink.

In Special Dinner, Ellen had a broken heart when she had to tell Blink she was moving, which made both very sad believing they may never see each other again. Thankfully Ellen talked this through with her parents and they decided to stay in America. Both were very happy and Ellen then kissed Blink on the lips. This shows Ellen loves Blink and she would love to be his girlfriend when they grow older.

Later on in The Blink of Love, she again got jealous when she saw Blink and Lass, which led to Ellen arguing with Blink about Lass. This made Blink cry and Ellen felt bad, so she went to go apologize to him. After, they kissed lips, and Ellen confirmed that she was Blink's girlfriend after simple words "I love you too!"


  • She has a crush on Blink.
  • Like Blink, she does not like Bullies.
  • Gets jealous if she sees Blink with another girl.
  • Loves having tickle fights with Blink.
    • Sometimes she tries convincing him to tickle her in sneaky and cute ways.



MY GIRL - Vada & Thomas J Kiss02:37

MY GIRL - Vada & Thomas J Kiss

Vada's Voice from MY GIRL

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