Eusine Cough
*cough* Bunch of nerds... *cough* nerds.




His guitar and being sarcastic

Hair color


Eye color



Red, Blue, Pink (sort of), Stacy (sort of), Lord Tourettes (childhood friend), Earl Grey, Gerald Butler, Amphy.

Voiced by

Seth MacFarlane

Eusine is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. He is somewhat sarcastic, and if some other people say weird things, he starts both coughing and talking. (For example. Red: Let's play a game of Pinball instead! Stacy: Aww yeah! Eusine: *cough* Bunch of nerds... *cough* nerds.) Like Lord Tourettes, he plays guitar, but more often than LT does.

Social life

Eusine was born in the city and when he grew up, he took over the sarcastic personality from one of his friends who lives near him. Eusine is rather befriended with boys than with girls. As a baby, he came into music and because Lord Tourettes is one of his friends, they both learned how to play guitar at age 2. Now that Eusine is popular because he plays the guitar for like 10 years, he is a rich person and a chick-magnet. He is also very short-tempered and very bad with computers and other devices, and that's also a reason why he hates smartphones, tablets, etc.

Eusine as baby with guitar

Eusine as a baby playing a (huge!) guitar.

Eusine's voice

His voice is exactly the same voice as the one of Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy, although Eusine doesn't have a habit of saying "Giggity" like Quagmire does.

Best of Quagmire04:46

Best of Quagmire


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