Fifi's Twilight Zone
Request 43
I hate you right now.
Air date 6-26-14
Written by AndrewBrauer, YoshiRocker13, & Alpha-Lonewolf
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Location Park & Professor Stick's Lab
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 Professor Stick decides to introduce his girlfriend Twilight, to his sister Fifi, how will this go for them?



Professor Stick was putting all of his inventions into his locked up room)


Twilight: From who Henry?

Professor Stick: Complicated thing! I'm hiding these inventions from my dumbass sister!

Twilight: Why that's quite rude, who is your sister anyway?

Professor Stick: You don't understand! My sister is NOT like any normal person! And the worst part is, SHE'S COMING OVER TODAY!

Fifi: (pops in the room) Cookie!

Twilight: Is this your sister Henry?

Professor Stick: (annoyed and bored tone) Yes, this is, my sister, Fifi.

Twilight: Oh, okay. It's a pleasure to meet you Fifi.

Fifi: Tee Hee, your hair looks funny (starts playing with Twilight's hair)

Twilight: (Confused) Um, thank you.

Professor Stick: Uhh, Fifi, allow me to introduce you to my girlfriend, Twilight. Or as you would call it, she's my taco.

Twilight: Taco?

Fifi: (pokes Twilights breasts) You have cookie bags on your chest.

Professor Stick: In her language, it means boyfriend or girlfriend. When she means THAT, she thinks of a girl as someone's friend.

Twilight: (Giggles) That's... cute.

Fifi: (sticks her hand in her bra to feel for cookies) what kind of cookies do you have in here?

Twilight: (To Fifi) I can give you some cookies, if you want.

Fifi: but you said there were cookies in here. (pulls the bra off and shakes it) Hey where are the cookies?

Professor Stick: (stares at Twilight's naked breasts) Oh my.

Twilight: (giggles) Henry?

Professor Stick: (quickly looks away) Nothing! Just put those bras back on Fifi.

Twilight: Fifi. (Puts her bra back on) I can make you a tree out of cookies.

Professor Stick: Please do, I just want her to leave me alone!

Twilight: How about a tree made of cookies?

Fifi: (takes Stick's Glasses) Wow clear cookies! (starts licking them)

Professor Stick: (snatches back the glasses) GIVE me back those glasses!

Twilight: Okay Fifi, why don't we go to the park?

Fifi: But I don't even drive so how can I park?

Twilight: Yes, but this park has trees made of cookies.

Fifi: does that mean I get Parkplace and Boardwalk? I get to pass go and collect $200! YAY!!!

Twilight: (To Professor Stick) I'd be surprised if she even has a boyfriend.

Fifi: Bruce Wayne is my taco because I'm Batman!

Twilight: Well then, how about we meet him and see how he deals with you.

Professor Stick: Uhh, to be precise, she DOES have a boyfriend.

Twilight: Oh really? Cause I was just trying to be cute, but we could meet him and figure out how to deal with Fifi in a more easier way.

(cuts to them with Bruce)

Bruce: You mostly just try and make her happy, and at least prevent her from doing anything dumb. But if there's an emergency, ALWAYS lead her to cookies.

Fifi: I know what you mean. that reminds me of the time when I went into the mens room. Twilight: That's it? Alright. (Senses a spell that turns a tree into a cookie tree)

Fifi: COOKIES! (starts eating the cookies)

Twilight: And I can do much more and add cookies to it.

Professor Stick: Wow thanks Twi, you solved my problems.

Twilight: That's why your my taco... shit, that sounded much better in my head. (Kisses Professor Stick on the cheek)

(Professor Stick blushes)

Fifi: (pops up behind them talking and spitting cookie crumbs at them) One time I went into the mens room and I saw them stare and yell at me and then I saw my sister in a mirror

(Twilight rolls her eyes and senses a spell that makes Fifi mute when she talks)

Professor Stick: Or you could simply remove her mouth, either way.

Twilight: Well, you do realize she's your sister right? That would be mean.

Fifi: (stares at them for a while until she starts talking again) And then i waved at her and she waved back at the same time and then i said wow and then she said wow at the same time.

Twilight: (Confused) What the... how could she speak again? I'm the only one who can change her back to normal!?

Professor Stick: Well actually, that won't work on her.

Twilight: Why?

Fifi: Then she started to do what I did every time I did something and then she did it too and then I realized she was my twin sister and then she we were going out the door and she disappeared

Twilight: I can fix this. (Senses a spell that stuffs her mouth with plenty of cookies) And when your done with that! (Senses a spell that turns a lake into a lake filled with cookies)

Professor Stick: Wow...

Fifi: (swallows them whole and continues) then i went back inside to find her and i saw that she came back to look for me. I told her to come out the window but she told me the same thing

Twilight: Now... (Whispers to Professor Stick) How do we get rid of her?

Professor Stick: There is only one way to get rid of her.

Twilight: Which is?

Fifi: Hey can I have another cookie? i'm still hungry like I haven't eaten for days

Professor Stick: If you ignore her a lot, she'll leave.

Twilight: (To Professor Stick) What about her boyfriend?

Professor Stick: That is the best way, get her to stay with Bruce.

Bruce: (sighs) I have to do everything myself... Uhh Fifi?

Fifi: Moosy!

Bruce: Do you want to stay with me for a while? We can have our own fun...

Fifi: Yeah! I know what we can do!

Bruce: Yeah, what do you want to do?

Fifi: Let's go on a date with Sticky

Bruce: Uhh, s-sure. Come on.

(Fifi hops onto Bruce's back and he walks away with her)

Twilight: So Henry... (Kisses him) We now have some free time.

Fifi: (drags Bruce back with her to them) Silly batman. Sticky is here

Professor Stick: Uhh, (lies) I'll catch up with you later Fifi.

Twilight: I have to... (Lies) Fix your brother's screwdriver in his lab.

Bruce: Fifi, why don't we leave these two alone for now?

Fifi: But my brother needs me to help in the lab because he wuvs me. (runs into the lab)

Twilight: Oh no.

Professor Stick: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! FIFI!!

(Hears a lot of crashing in the Lab)

Twilight: That can't be good.

Professor Stick: FIFI! GET OUT OF MY LAB!

Fifi: Hey what does this big red button do?

Professor Stick: (pulls Fifi away) No! Your not allowed to touch anymore things! Ever!

Fifi: Okay. (grabs Professor's Stick's hand to push the button)

Twilight: Can she not destroy anything?

Professor Stick: NO! You can't push the big red button!

Fifi: I didn't you did. now we get to watch the button movie

Professor Stick: Oh shit.

Fifi: when does the movie start?

(Lab explodes)

Professor Stick: (covered in smoke) I should have removed that red button.

Twilight: (Covered in Smoke) That would have helped.

The End

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