As his parents couldn't think of a nice name for him, they choose the name "Fighter" since the father was in a war, also the mother. They have met when she was new to the war and military. Then his father friend started to notice the he have a crush on her. Then his mother friend also notice that she have a crush on him.

Their friend have talk about and was surprised mostly, so they have talk most about it and think how they could talk his father and mother to show how they feel to each other. Later on, Fighter mother and father friend blindfold them and get them closer. Then take off the fold and show each other. As you should know there rest, they got married and continue killing enemies in the war. As Fighter was born with that name, that's how he got his name.

His parents started to buy him toys like little kids would play with, but he won't/wouldn't play with them since he wouldn't care for them at all. His parents knew that he wasn't like other kids. When he was young, he started to be in school. But his parents put gear on him and feel him protested. They give him other thing that he need for school, they are hoping he do good. Later, the school told his parents about Fighter.

When his parents came to the school, they told him that Fighter have been bully, but didn't do anything besides throw the students (Bully) to a group of other kids or the teacher, they don't know. They said that they can't have Fighter in this school for what he have did. Fighter and the bully of the school said sorry and have never seen them again. As his parents are trying to search a school for him, they started to training for themselves because next war was going to be dangerous as someone said.

As they go out for war, they hope that Fighter would be safe, but before they go out, they have time for Fighter to fight like a man. Then later as they go out for war, he stay in the house, alone with no one to watch him because his parents forget about the babysitter. But he doesn't really care for one.

Later on, he started to turn on the TV and listening to the news. The News Reporter was being to talk about the war, as he/she said that their war were defeated and the other team won. They said that each person die in the war. Fighter started to get upset and make him charge channel. He started to have a club in a unknown spot, kids to come and tell what happen. Then when to school and that's all.

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