Figures react to the show 'Attack on Titan,' a Japanese show that was made from Japan.

Blue is show with the computer in front of him, also looking at the computer.

Allison: So, you are going to watch something from Japan show.

Blue: Oh great.

Show Pink with the computer

Pink: It's a Japanese show?

Show Lord Tourette with also the computer.

L.T.: (rubbing the computer) Sources nice FUCKING Japanese ASS people.

Show Red

Red: Since it will be a Japanese show, it will be a anime, right?

Allison: Yea.

Show Broseph

Broseph: Really?

Show Earl Grey

Earl Grey: I don't really want to see a show now.

Show The Raccoon

The Raccoon: Anime

Allison: So, here's the video I'm going to show you. (Show the video)

Attack on Titan - OFFICIAL English Subtitled OP01:33

Attack on Titan - OFFICIAL English Subtitled OP

Later on...

Blue: Well, that was...I don't know.

Pink: So it was anime! Ok

Broseph: I don't know what to say now.

L.T.: That was SHIT.

Earl Grey: Ok, I don't know what happen.

The Raccoon: Remind me of my home, not with titan.

Red: What is this?

Stacy: I can't stand blood.


Allison: So, what did you saw?

Red: Anime...

Blue: A show, that's Japanese...

Pink: It involve blood and big people...

L.T.: FUCK THIS. Sorry, I mean I have no ideas.

Stacy: So, there's big people and well you should know, you show me this.

Broseph: I was confused.

Earl Grey: It was a Japanese show, that I think the people was trying to fight what they are call 'Titan,' so they can protest their homeland.


Allison: The people that are huge and naked are called 'Titan.'

Blue: Titan?

Red: Naked Titan.

The Raccoon: Why are they naked at first?

Stacy: Sexy... titan?

Allison: Also, they want human flesh and not animal flesh, why is that?

Blue: I don't know.

Pink: Really, that is sad.

Red: Gross.

Earl Grey: Oh wow. It's probably because that they are also look like human and I guess they have the same blood like us. I really don't know why.

The Raccoon: Don't know.

Stacy: (Throw up) My god.

Broseph: I don't have any ideas.

L.T.: The FUCK. Sorry.

Allison: So, there's people that are trying to protest their homeland. Do you know any character?

Blue: No

Red: No

Pink: No

L.T.: No

Stacy: No

The Raccoon: No

Earl Grey: No

Broseph: No

Allison: So the title of the show is called 'Attack on Titan.'

Broseph: Wow, I guess that a great name for a... show.

Earl Grey: Feel creepy somehow

Red: Hmm, don't know what to say.

Pink: A Japanese show that's name 'Attack on Titan.'

The Raccoon: Alright then

Allison: Will you watch this show?

Blue: I guess

Pink: I don't know really.

Red: Sure

Stacy: Na

The Raccoon: Maybe

Earl Grey: No

Broseph: Maybe, maybe not.

L.T.: I'm good for now.

The End

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