Figures are going to react the top and popular YouTuber on Earth, give it up, for Pewdiepie.

Allison: So, you are going to react to the popular YouTuber on YouTube.

Blue: Awesome, I guess.

Red: I want to be popular.

Pink: Wonder why he or she popular.

Allison: It's a he.

Pink: Of course.

Stacy: A popular YouTuber...

Earl Grey: I don't even look up on YouTube.

Gerald Butler: Oh wow, wonder you.

The Raccoon: Always YouTube, isn't?

L.T.: Wonder who?

Trollzo: I think I know what you mean by popular YouTuber.

Allison: Good, I hope you know what I mean. So, here's the video

Broseph: I hope its nice.

Show with Pewdiepie playing GTA with his character black and male, his player walk up to woman who was pregnant (or fat).

Pewdiepie: You know you're not support to smoke while you're pregnant.

Woman: Who care?

Pewdiepie: Don't you care?

His player run up to woman, then the woman run away.

Pewdiepie: God dang it, have some fought for your kid.

His player pick a launch rocket and shoot at her.

Broseph: Never mind (Laugh)

Blue: Whoa!

Pink: Oh My Gosh

Red: Did he really did that? (Laugh)

Stacy: Whoa

Earl Grey: Why is he popular when he kill a woman!?

L.T.: The FUCK.

Gerald Butler: Really?

The Raccoon: Oh wow

Trollzo: That's awesome, I don't care about the woman who was pregnant and maybe was killed.



Later On

Blue: What... was... that?

Earl Grey: I'm not letting him make tea for me, I wonder what question you got for me.


Allison: Who was that?

Blue: Pewdiepie?

Red: Pewdiepie.

Trollzo: Pewdiepie.

Pink: Don't know

Stacy: I don't really know.

Earl Grey: Uhhhh...uuhhhh

Gerald Butler: I don't know who was that who was trying to be funny.

L.T.: That's how that FUCKER became popular.

Broseph: How is this guy popular, that is what I want to know.

The Raccoon: I don't know him and I don't think he's smart.

Allison: His name is Pewdiepie, what do you think about him?

Pink: Crazy

The Raccoon: Stupid

Earl Grey: Retarded

Blue: Normal, I guess.

Red: Awesome

Trollzo: Cool

Stacy: Not bad

Gerald Butler: A crazy freak

Broseph: Funny as shit (Laugh)

L.T.: Hell

Allison: From all the video you saw, what do you think he is?

Blue: A gamer?

Red: Gamer

Earl Grey: Gamer

Pink: Gamer?

Trollzo: A awesome gamer.

Stacy: Gamer

Gerald Butler: Gamer

L.T.: A ASS, I mean a gamer, sorry.

The Raccoon: A gamer.

Broseph: A bro gamer.

Allison: So, he call his subscribers the Bro Amy, why?

Blue: I guess it name sound cool.

Red: I don't know really

Pink: That's a nice name, I guess.

Stacy: Maybe he's a bro

Broseph: Awesome, the Bro Amy.

Earl Grey: He's different.

Gerald Butler: I don't know the dude, ok?

The Raccoon: He's a jerk.

L.T.: My, my.

Trollzo: Bro Amy?

Allison: Will you watch him again sometime?

Blue: Sure.

Red: Sure, he's funny.

Broseph: Probably.

The Raccoon: No

Earl Grey: No

Gerald Butler: No

Pink: No

L.T.: FUCKING yea.

Stacy: It depends on the time.

Trollzo: Yes, he's awesome.

The End

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