Fireblaze is flame orange with red and orange hair that looks like flames. He is tall and his hands are singed.


Fireblaze tries to be a good person, he does not always succeed he is most always under stress from things from being deaths son to fucking things up he sometimes just lets loose disguises himself and destroys shit.

Fireblaze can control fire in most every way.

He can fly on Fiery Wings

He cannot die in a typical fasion as he carcass burns to ash that forms and egg, he then rises from the egg in the same state healthy state he was before death.

He can change to a large Fiery bird known as a Phoenix known for it's rebirth

He can do minor lightning magic


Fireblaze is a liked person who not many think poorly of

Super Villain Identity

When Fireblaze gets to stressed he takes on the Identity of BURN to vent

He wears a large red and orange trench coat along with a large metal mask to hide his true identity when like this. Though he has met hero's in the past he makes no attempts to kill them as he knows he's doing wrong.


He is terrified of bees. He will go out of his way to avoid them. He won't burn them because he's afraid that if he does then a whole bunch will come after him.


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