Flame is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. He is a red man who can get angry very easily. He mostly gets angry when people either annoy or taunt him. His face also turns red when he's angry and even his hair sticks out. However when he gets SERIOUSLY pissed off, he can unleash a blast of anger at any person that annoyed him. But aside from his anger, he is actually a very nice person.

Social Life

During his time in Kindergarten, Flame was always bullied, and always feared off, which generally made Flame really angry, and thinks everyone shouldn't be the best kids to be nice. But his personality lead to various disasters, including never having a friend, and had to lead to his parents donating him to a orphanage, which left Flame very upset and live on a bad life.

We first see Flame Very Angry Day, where after getting pissed off by Red, he pretty much yells at everyone who annoys him while he is still in his anger. Luckily 'thanks' to Fifi, Flame was taught a lesson never to say rude things to people again, especially when their not trying to annoy him.

Flame hates Ryle, due to the fact that his angry mood can piss Flame off. What also causes Ryle to piss Flame off is if Ryle didn't care about anything sad or bad happening which can lead Flame into anger. Ryle also pisses Flame off when Ryle is in a Foul Mood. They often fight a lot.

In Flame's Last Stand, Flame met Tikia, and decided to re-introduce her to modern time of Earth. She was very respectful for Flame, but Flame continued to be insulted so much, that he attempted suicide, but was saved by Tikia. Flame eventually got a job, and got together with Tikia.


  • Flame gets pissed either by insults or rudeness by others.
  • HATES Ryle's bad behavior.
  • Gets violent sometimes when angry.
  • Strangely breathes fire when pissed off.
  • Hates Fifi.
  • Kind most of the time.
  • Nice when normal.
  • Likes girls.
  • Face turns red when he is angry.


The Simpsons - Donut Hell02:34

The Simpsons - Donut Hell

Voice of Homer from The Simpsons.


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