A new OC for Dick Figures. A man as deadly as a bio weapon and one of the most disgusting inconsiderate OCs. he has no limit to how many farts he could let out no matter how much he uses them. Flatch can make a fart to become as deadly as a nuke if lit with fire. He can hold it in but that makes his next fart even more deadly than expected.


As a child he grew up always thinking farting was funny. Soon it just comes out without control. Flatch doesn't care who is around or what kind of place he's in and just lets them out without warning or caring. one reason he hasn't gotten beaten up or killed yet is because he has farted enough to make them either transparent farts or fatys that are actually thick enough to create a smoke screen to make a get away or disappear. Everyone pretty much hates him but as long as he farts enough to make it into a joke on them, Flatch doesn't care.


  • Farts consistantly
  • Immune to his own fart stench
  • Controls lethality of farts
  • Controls lengths of farts


  • Power Fart
  • Sonic Floom
  • Nuke Poot
  • Jet Fart
  • Toxic Fart
  • Gas Bomb

(All powers involve farting X3)


The Best of Adam Sandler03:03

The Best of Adam Sandler


Voice of Adam Sandler


Inside the Toilet - Banjo-Kazooie02:45

Inside the Toilet - Banjo-Kazooie


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