For The Love of Pussy
For the love of Pussy
I love petting pussy!
Air date 08-31-13
Written by Alpha-Lonewolf and YoshiRocker13
Directed by Alpha-Lonewolf
Location Cafe
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Wolf comes up with a prank for the guys and it involves Stacy and a pussy cat.


(Stacy looking at a Playboy magazine until Wolf kicks down her door)

Wolf: Wazzup Stacy babe!

Stacy: Wolf! Are you coming to rape me?

Wolf: Uh, no.

Stacy: Do you want to?

Wolf: (changes subject) uh listen. I got you a gift. (Shows present)

Stacy: Ooh! What is it?

Wolf: it's name is Pussy.

Stacy: (open box to see a cat) OH MY GOD! it's adorable!

Wolf: Let's go somewhere to eat.

Stacy: Oh my man!

(Later at a cafe. Red is in the next booth)

Stacy: thanks for the gifts Wolf. i knew you always had feelings for me.

Red: Wolf! Whatcha doing with Stacy!?

Wolf: (grins and hides the cat on stacy's lap) So stacy, What do you think of your pussy?

Red: What?

Stacy: (Lowers her hand under the table so Red can't see) Oh my god it's sooo soft and warm!

Wolf: what else?

Stacy: I just love petting it and stroking it's soft fuzzy texture.

Red: (eyes grow wide) wha?

Stacy: I want to just eat my pussy up!

Wolf: really?

Stacy: I could just kiss it all day.

Rapper: (walks in the resteraunt and takes a seat at a table)

(Red faints face first into his bowl of soup)

Rapper: (laughs at Red) What's up with you?

Wolf: Why don't you ask Stacy?

Rapper: What.... is she doing?

Stacy: I'm running my fingers across my pussy.

Rapper: (eyes widen) What?!

Stacy: just stroking it up and down slowly and softly

Wolf: (Hides his snickering) She really love her pussy.

Stacy: Who doesn't want to rub me pussy?

Rapper: That's just crazy!

Stacy: (moans) it feels sooo good.

Rapper: Ooookaaaay.

Stacy: I want pussy on me everyday!

Rapper: WHAAAT!!!??

(Blue sits next to them in another booth)

Stacy: I want more pussies on me!

(Blue freezes after what he just heard)

Rapper: It's crazy I know

Stacy: I love how it feels when pussy rubs up and down my lap.

Blue: Sweet Jesus (begins to sweat a lot)

Stacy: (Moans louder) This pussy is just so warm and soft!

Rapper: Soft?

Blue: Oh dear God! (tries to cover the front of his pants with a menu)

Stacy: If I had a million pussies like this I would eat them all cuz they are sooo sweet.

Rapper: (covers eyes) What am I hearing!?

Blue: Shit! I gotta use the bathroom! (runs to the mens room)

(Broseph sits across from them at another table)

Stacy: Rrgh! i just want to squeeze this pussy cuz it's so fuzzy!

Broseph: (Spits out his drink) What the hell?!

Stacy: I should take this pussy out for a wild ride with my other girlfriends.

Broseph: (jaw drops and drools) Nice!

(shows Bruce & Fifi at another table) 

Bruce: What is she saying!

Fifi: She says she has a pussy. I want to pet her pussy!

Stacy: Well come and pet the sweetness out of it.

Fifi: (pets the cat under the table from everyone's view) Wow! it's so fuzzy and warm!

Stacy: Pet it all you want bitch!

Rapper: AUGH!!?

Fifi: Okay!

(Fifi pets the cat with Stacy as she moans)

(Broseph begins to masturbate along with Trollz0r)

Trollz0r: yeah baby. that's so hot!

Rapper: (gets up) I can't stand this! (when he walks off he suddenly sees the cat's tail)

Wolf: (Pulls the cat up) Got you all! it was just a cat named pussy!

All: WHAT!!!!!!???


Blue: (comes out sweating and exhausted) Wha... what's happening?

Bruce: Turns out that pussy Stacy was playing with was a CAT CALLED PUSSY!!!


Rapper: I KNOW IT'S CRAZY!!!

Red: (Wakes up) it was still worth it.



  • 1/5 Unicorn Barf!
  • 2/5 It was like Meh.
  • 3/5 I guess it was... pretty good.
  • 4/5 This is like crazy right?

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