Resistance is futile.


??? (identified as male)




Broseph (owner?), Wednesday, (owner?), and Sabrina (owner?)


Basically anyone who tries to kill him

Times Dead


Weapon of Choice

Bad Luck

Romantic/Sexual Orientation


Voiced by

Perofan123 (AKA me)

Fresko is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. Unlike most of the cats in the series (which are all white), Fresko is an all black cat, who is known to follow anyone around no matter who they are, whether they are having a good life or completely miserable, or whether they are nice people or complete jackasses.

Social Life

Fresko doesn't really have any friends to speak of inside the DF universe. He used to follow Broseph. He even likes to sleep in his house without Broseph knowing. This somewhat makes Broseph his (unofficial) owner. However, after the events of Le Chat Noir, Broseph doesn't even want to think of Fresko as his pet. But, because of Fresko's sudden hatred towards Maroon, Broseph can at least tolerate him.

After Broseph & Wednesday got married and had Sabrina, Fresko now currently lives with them. However, he'll often run away from home for a while, either to grab something from the city, or visit from friends outside the DF universe.


  • Being a black cat, he of course has the ability to cause bad luck, but the only time his ability is truly powerful is Friday the 13th.
  • There are times where the bad luck Fresko causes is either harmless, slightly dangerous, gets people in the hospital, or can kill people in just a moment.
  • Because he is so irresistibly cute to people, they won't even mind him following them around.
  • He used to live next to the gym, and then he started to roam around the town and sleep wherever he wants. But now, he lives with Broseph and his family.
  • He is named after a beloved stuffed animal (cat).
  • A personified version of Fresko will become a main character in a comic made by Perofan123 (CookieEyes) called “The Indescribable Tail of Fresko & Liborio” (


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