Friendship Reunited
Friendship Reunited
You should be friends again!
Air date May 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
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Online Comedy

E3 Madness

 Lord Tourettes thinks Rapper & Bruce should be friends again but is the friendship going to work? I Know this episode was short but a longer one is coming soon.



(shows Rapper walking with Lord Tourettes who is crying)

Rapper: (annoyed) Oh for crying out fuck man It's just a hat!

Lord Tourettes: (crying) I need to find my PRECIOUS HAT! I've had that hat ever since I was a LITTLE BABY!

Rapper: I thought you had a whole wall full of hats.

Lord Tourettes: I do but I would never lose one! EVER!

Rapper: (face palm) Oh brother.

Bruce: Well what do we have here?

Rapper: BRUCE!? (pulls out 2 swords) Prepare to taste the fury of blood!

Bruce: (pulls out a shotgun) Over my dead body!

Lord Tourettes: Why do you two FIGHT?

Rapper: We fighted in high school

Bruce: This guy ALWAYS thought he was better than me!

Rapper: (grins) I always was.

Bruce: (angry) SHUT UP!!!

Lord Tourettes: But think of all the good times you two had togethor. It would have been SO GOREGOUS.

Rapper: Yeah right!

Bruce: I would never be friends with that dick again! (to Rapper) Don't make me use my secret weapon

Rapper: Fifi's already going to spend the whole day with Wolf.

Bruce: FUCK!

(scene cuts to Wolf & Fifi who was eating cookies)

Fifi: (eating) Cookies...

Wolf: Why now!?

(scene cuts back to the three)

Bruce: Now stand still so I can kill you!

Lord Tourettes: But I'm sure you two use to MISS EACH OTHER!

(soon Rapper starts to smile and Bruce smiles too. They both walk up to each other)

Rapper: Sorry for all those years.

Bruce: Yeah. How about we go do some cool things?

Rapper: Yeah! (they both walk off)

Lord Tourettes: (crying) That's so TOUCHING!

(a montage begins. Rapper & Bruce are seen playing Flame Wars together in a team battle, then it shows the two shooting bullets near Earl Gray causing him to dance while dodging, then the two go swimming and pretend to be sharks scaring Pink)

2 Weeks Later

(shows the two walking down the street)

Rapper: I can't believe we're friends again!

Bruce: Yeah but it was totally worth it. But what was it we were fighting about?

Rapper: It was something in high school about who's the better student.

Bruce: That was so stupid. (starts to frown) But you always use to say I was the worst student ever!

Rapper: (angry) You always bullied me!

Bruce: WHY NOT SHUT UP!? (Pulls out his swords and a fight breaks out in a dust cloud)

Lord Tourettes: What DICKS!

Episode Ends

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