Glacier Edge


Ice King's remains




Ice Imprisonment, Cold Air Control and Cryokinetic Regeneration




Forged from all the ice from the Ice King's remains and materialized into a blade and is created for Shawn

After Shawn climbs on the mountain with his friends, he stumbled upon a kingdom belonging to the ice king. Shawn was able to split the gigantic ice king in two during the intense battle before all the ice from the his remains scatter everywhere and everything else went back to normal. When his friends left and no one else is looking, and by concentration, he controlled all of the ice magic energy from all the Ice Kings all of the remains flying back to him. He creates a vast arsenal of weaponry, with one of them being a katana, Shawn takes the weapon thought ingredients of the name, Tōshō, meaning Frostbite, and goes back home with him to go on a long training period for almost or over a month in the ways of the sword. The blade can trap his enemies by piercing to ground to freezing inside cylinders of ice, imprisonng them from by a close or almost a far range. The cold air in any arctic environment will caught control of the blade making Shawn making release sharp winds of cold air from the blade even through armor itself, and when the blade part is shattered, Shawn will also be able to use the ice from he used after to regenerate and pierce through his opponents when it's in a close range.

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