Gary with his hokey mask on.

Gary is a major character in the Dick Figures fanon universe. 

About Gary

Gary is a green stick figure who has lived a sad, depressing life. He lives all alone in the woods and has never had ANY company. One day, Gary finally got a visitor. He heard a knock at his door, Gary ran to the door, he opened it, and a strange, faceless black stick figure was standing right in front of him. The strange figure held up his cane and shot Gary in the face with a blast of fire. Gary's face burnt off as the black stick figure ran off. Gary's face was slowly melting off and could barley move. He slowly walked to his closet and found his favorite hockey mask. After that, his face was completely burnt off. Gary placed the hockey mask and kept it on. He was too afraid to reveal his actual face. 


  • According to PinkBoy, he said he will NEVER reval what Gary's actual face looks like. He may reveal it someday. 
  • He is very similar to Kristy. A killer fanon made by Kid. 
  • Gary is actually a very nice and sweet guy. Many people will mistake him as a killer, since he wears a hockey mask. But this hockey mask is only meant to hide his burnt off face. 
  • He will appear in Dick Figures Fanon's Unite. 

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