Gold Profile
"This coffee is goooood."
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Friends Silver (brother), Lord Tourettes, Blue, Red, Pink and Stacy
Enemies Broseph and Pedobear
Affilations Agent of FAGS
Age 27
Weapon of choice Sniper Rifle
Color Gold
Times dead 1

Gold (a.k.a B1K3) is a fictional character in the Dick Figure world. He loves threatening people and interrogating them violently, whenever he is insult, he kills the insult"er". He is Golden (he's not actually meant to be yellow in the profile, but I didn't want to photoshop it). He has stylish hair and has a stubble.

Social Life

After him and his brother were recruited at FAGS (Federal Agency of Gentlemen Sticks), he has much more experience than Silver, since Silver stays at base more often, whereas Gold spends more time on missions. One of their assignments was to befriend and recruit Red, since he was skilled at fighting.


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