Gray (not her real name) is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. She is Stick's friend and Grox's cousin. 


Cecilia "Gray" Williams was born in Stockholm, Sweden during the nation-wide economic crisis at the time. Both of her parents were unemployed and were living off of social support. In 1999 when Grox's parents were both murdered and he moved to Sweden to live with them the family was already struggling to keep itself alive. In 2009, when the family had managed to survive the economic crisis and both parents managed to get jobs, she went to buy wood for heating and she found Stick775 lost, outside of a store, shivering in fear. She introduced him to Grox and the three quickly became close friends.

She attended Fällskärmsjägarskolan (Parachute Ranger School) in 2013 and joined the Special Operations Task Force in 2016. She quickly rose through the ranks to become leader of the "Hunter 2" squad. To ensure stability in the west in the ongoing war between Russia, China, Iran, Syria and North Korea and the United States of America she was deployed along with her squad around the United States. Around January, 2018 her entire squad was massacred in front of her in the then wartorn California. Just a week later both Grox and Stick joined her squad after being forced into the military after the European Union got involved in the ongoing World War. In late 2020 she accidentally opened a portal to the Dick Figures universe with Stick's portal equipment and fell through, landing in Grox's backyard.

Social Life

Due to the hardships of the time when Grox came to her family the two almost immediately grew a brother-sister relationship, she has also been friends with Stick for a long time since she found him lost in Stockholm. She has a crush on Lord Tourettes though Wednesday doesn't approve of this. Gray (though she should) does NOT like Earl Grey since he likes to drain color. And she might be the only one to like Mr. Dingleberry.