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Grey is a stickman who goes on random adventures through the stickworld, him and many others got separated so he just go on these epic quests with his new sidekick Skyler and Cyborg Purple.

His Past

Was born in 1993 and was known to be a master at disguise. He was known to be called Dan Grey until he was supposed to be missing, now he lives in a parallel universe where he lives in California as a college student with a roommate named RedX and another named Purple. Apparently Purple had built a universal machine and teleported the trio to the Dick Figures world where Grey met Blue and Red, Red quickly became friends with Purple and so started the trio's new lives.

Past with others.

Grox: He was known to get in a fight with Grox or HungryGrox, because of Purple wanting to pick a fight with him.

For now, Grey and Grox are friends...but they would kill each other if they wanted.

(Data Expluged)

Mirthar: Grey's archenemy Mirthar is a twisted, insane, and very quick witted foe that Grey and his friends ever faced. Grey and his friends helped Grox from his daughter Lavender from being a slave to his clutches. Now they must stop the Villain before he becomes Unstable.

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