Full Name

Chris 'Grey' Willson


BlueMod,Grox,Nick(as Acquaintances)


All that Harm him.


January 1st, 1992




Very Friendly in most cases, Silent, Lazy, Sneaky, Very Street wise person


BlueMod:Friend Grox: Friend Nick: Acquaintance

Powers and Weapons

Hidden Blades, Power Hacking, Turning into animals, Hand to Hand Combat, Scanning Areas, Brute Force, Paintbrush(Mostly used to create Items)



GreyMod is a supecomputer cyborg with a veryamusing amount of courage, He is known to be very unknown to most of the world except to BlueMod and Grox (Which is also very interesting since he can't really talk but whatever... so...yeah.)                                                                                                                                  


His past wasn't really known. All that is known is that he's a robot who works for a secret organization.

Friends and Enemies


BlueMod: Due to recent discoveries Grey unknowingly went to BlueMod's Server and began to venture through it only to meet her. Most of the Time he has been there Many of inconvient conflicts has occured. One of those conflicts almost killed him, So he doesnt really vist most offen.

Grox: They dont talk to each other at all. So thats all I can say about that.

Enemies: None at the Moment) 

Current Life

GreyMod or Grey(for short) Now is still roaming BlueMod's Server and Is Also Roaming many other Universes as well, Yet he isnt seen in public because he usually likes to hide in crowds. He usually wears a Grey T-shrit under his Grey Hoodie, and Black Jeans. His two eyes are actually very diffrent from most Robots or Cyborgs or Moderators. One is Light Grey, and The Other is Red. Both of them usually are used for Scanning.

He is very silent, But he isnt much silent when around friends.He is half Insane. (=w=)

Cookie Monsta - AntiChrist03:55

Cookie Monsta - AntiChrist

GreyMod's Theme


Grey with his Partner Red, and Sister Lime

Kid Grey

Grey as a kid

Young Life

When Grey was a Kid he was actually very shy, And would never talk much. He looks weak on the outside but is actually very strong but doesnt show it till Someone he cares about is Hurt. Nothing else is really known about him cause noone asked about him..

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