Grey Date
Grey Date
"This is quite, okay."
Air date 19-10-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13 and CookieEyes
Directed by YoshiRocker13
Location Restaurant and Earl Grey's Mansion
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 Earl Grey thinks it's time to get a wife. Unfortunately for Rapper, Earl Grey kidnaps Rei. Will Earl Grey marry her? Or will Rapper get her back?



Blue: (walks in) Hey Rapper, what's up.

Rapper: Not much, go fuckers. (continues playing)

Blue: Hey Pink wanted me to ask how you and Rei are doing?

Rapper: Great, great.

Blue: Okay, when was the last time you saw her?

Rapper: Two weeks ago.

Blue: Doing what?

Rapper: Blowing shit up.

Blue: Have you two ever, gone out on a date?

Rapper: What?

Blue: I said, have you two ever gone out on a date?

Rapper: Dates are for pussies.

Blue: But that's the only way to move your relationship to the next level? I mean do you even love her?

Rapper: OF COURSE I do!

Blue: JUST ask her out and you'll be fine!

Rapper: (grumbles) Fine!

(meanwhile. Rei is preparing to go out bullying with the others.)

Rei: Alright… Should I bring the gloves or the brass knuckles…?

(Rei hears her phone ring, and goes to pick it up)

Rei: Sup? Question; are you Dylan? Follow up question; were you expecting Kari to answer?

Rapper: Relax Rei, it's me and I was not expecting Kari to answer since I rung your cell phone.

(Rei blushes while feeling embarrassed)

Rei: …Oh.

Rapper: SO after having a bit of a talk with Blue, I was thinking if you and I could.... uh...... go out on a date tonight?

Rei: Umm, actually, I was gonna go out with Katorou & Kari for some bullying…

Rapper: Well how about tomorrow?

Rei: Tomorrow it is then.

(later at Earl Grey's mansion)

Earl Grey: Ugh! Gerald is out and I can't even think of anything evil to do! How terrifying! Every time I get my ass kicked by those pathetic Butt-Man and Loser.

Darla: Perhaps you should take a break for a while. Even villains need their time to brainstorm.

Earl Grey: (thinks) You know what I need Darla, someone to help me more often, someone to look out for me. Like a, (background turns into hearts sparkling) WIFE!

Darla: Then go look for one. It’s not that difficult to find a woman your age, is it not?

Earl Grey: BUTLERS! Listen up! WE are going to find me a wife! (butlers groan)

(they fly out leaving Darla alone)

Darla: (chuckles) Good. Now I have time to work on my horror story. (takes out a large kitchen knife while laughing darkly)

(meanwhile, Kari helps Rei put her dress on for the date)

Rei: Hey! Not too tight!

Kari: Sorry. I’ve never tied a dress before.

Rei: You’ve never tied your own shoes before either.

(back to Rapper's house)

Blue: Go get em buddy.

Red: Knock the bitch dead!

Rapper: Yeah whatever. (leaves)

(soon they arrive at a restaurant)

Rapper: Seriously? How many restaurants are they going to open in this town!?

Rei: Well, there's gonna be some Restaurant Wars coming here this year. Maybe that's why. The same thing once happened in Tokyo.

(as they walk inside, a butler watches them)

Butler: (to speaker) Sir, I think we may have found your wife.

(in the restaurant) 

Waiter: Could I have your order?

Rei: I'll have a hamburger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, fish, cheese, onions, lots of pickles, scrambled eggs, cucumber, rice, potato, and avocado.

Rapper: Nice. Me too.

Waiter: Of course. (walks off)

Rei: I'll have a hamburger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, fish, cheese, onions, lots of pickles, scrambled eggs, cucumber, rice, potato, and avocado.

Rapper: Nice. Me too.

Waiter: Of course. (waks off)


Waiter: (shrieks) Yes of course! Right away!

Rapper: Now that's what I call a bad girl. Just the way I like it.

Rei: You know it!

(later, the food comes)

Waiter: Here you go people, a hamburger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, fish, cheese, onions, lots of pickles, scrambled eggs, cucumber, rice, potato, and avocado for both. And the girl's is toasted.

Rei: Fuck yeah! (starts eating)

(suddenly the doors and windows break with butlers running in)

Rapper: The fuck!?

Rei: (food in her mouth) Hmm?

Earl Grey: There's my future wife!

(butlers grab Rei's arms and tie her up)

Rapper: REI!

Rei: (muffled because of the food) The fuck?!

(one of the butlers stab Rapper causing him to faint. The butlers fly out with Rei)

Rei: (swallows) Okay! What's this shit about?
(Earl Grey places a bag on Rei)

(later, Auburn & Indigo scan the destroyed resteraunt)

Indigo: (gently shakes Rapper's body) Rapper? Are you okay?

Rapper: (slowly groaning) I- Indigo? What..... happened?

Auburn: The restaurant has been destroyed. Everyone else left.

Rapper: All I remember, Rei... Butlers.... Earl... Grey- (faints)

Auburn: ...Huh?

Indigo: (thinking) Earl Grey? Gerry's boss?

(Rapper slowly wakes up)

Auburn: So...what are you talking about?

Rapper: I went on a date with my girlfriend Rei but then Earl Grey and his butlers kidnapped her!

(suddenly cuts to the bag being bulled of Rei, who is tied up in a chair)

Rei: Great! (speaking to herself) Missing Katorou & Kari NOW, aren't you Rei? ...Shut up Rei.

Earl Grey: See Darla? She's the perfect girl for me.

Darla: (not impressed) …Early, she’s sixteen.

Gerald Butler: And how on earth did you find that shit out?

Darla: Well, I somewhat know her. (floats over to Rei) You. You’re Rei Kagerou right?

Rei: Yes! How the fuck do YOU know?!

Darla: Oh, Midnight Blaze’s girlfriend has said a lot about you.


Earl Grey: Well who cares how young she is! (to fourth wall) It's Dick Figures. Shit happens. (to Rei) Anyways, you are going to be my wife!

Rei: Sorry, but no, foul breath! I have a fucking boyfriend and a douchebag who likes me!

Earl Grey: Then we shall kill both of them! So you'll be with me! Besides, why the fuck would you be dating a 24 year old!?

Darla: Why the fuck would SHE want to marry someone in his 40-50s?! (to the 4th wall) Men; go fig.

Earl Grey: (to Darla) SILENCE!!! (to Rei) YOU WILL MARRY ME OR ELSE!!! (pulls out his blade)

(Rei starts to shake in fear)

Darla: You know, she's not going to cooperate if you scare her like that.

Earl Grey: (growls) Very well. I shall treat her nicely.

(back with Rapper, now with Katorou & Kari)

Rapper: NO JOKE! Rei was kidnapped by that fucking old douche!

Kari: (gasps) Oh no!

Katorou: Fucking old douche? What old douche? We're not familiar with everyone in this country, you know.

Rapper: Look just follow me and we'll find her.

(back with Earl Grey and Rei)

Earl Grey: Is there anything I could do for you Rei?

(Rei raises an eyebrow, then starts to think.)

Rei: Well...I would like a hamburger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, fish, cheese, onions, pickles, cucumber, rice, seaweed,
chicken, carrots, ketchup, mustard, and avocado...with toasted buns. (grins)

Earl Grey: What?

Rei: (pissed) Is there a fucking problem?

Katorou: So, what the hell does this guy want with Rei?

Rapper: I have no idea. We'll find out when we find Rei.

(the siren goes off)

Rapper: Looks like we got some fightin' (proceeds to kill butlers)

Kari: Ow! My ears!

(Rapper takes out most butlers and kicks one up to the ceiling, crashing through the ceiling and landing on Rei's floor)

Earl Grey: What in tarnation!?

Kari: (peeks through the hole) Does anyone have any ear plugs?

Katorou: Rei!

Rei: Oh what luck. More actors that I know of.

(suddenly Katorou & Kari are pulled back by butlers. One of them kicks Katorou in the stomach while another puts Kari in a torture chamber)

Kari: Ooh! Pretty red decorations in here.

Rei: I know. It's stupid, isn't it? At least I get some respect around here. (eats her burger)

Earl Grey: If you want to win her back, you must defeat me!

(Darla suddenly grows worried.)

(Rapper & Earl Grey begin fighting with swords)

Earl Grey: You can't kill me!

Rapper: I wish I could! NO ONE MESSES WITH MY GIRL!

Rei: This movie just got better.

(Darla is shaking in fear.)

(Rapper & Earl Grey repeatedly slash swords until later when Earl Grey flies over Rapper, stabbing him in the back)

Rapper: (cuts Earl's legs off) HAH! Now you can't fly!

Darla: (whispering) No, no, no...

Rei: Woo-hoo-! (almost chokes on her burger) ...I'm okay.

Rapper: I, (gets up) WIN! (prepares to kill Earl Grey)

Darla: NO! (teleports in between them)

Rapper: What?

Darla: (shaking) P-Please...d-.....don't...

Rapper: Don't do what? Kill Earl? 

Rei: Something tells me that's exactly what she's trying to say.

Rapper: (puts sword away) Alright.... I won't.

Earl Grey: D- Darla?

(Darla takes a few breathes, then slowly starts to chuckle.)

(Suddenly Darla punches herself.) Darla: (whispering to herself(?) What the bloody hell are you doing? He decided not to kill him! I can't let you out just yet!

Rapper: I'll just take Rei and go.

Earl Grey: But I just wanted a wife!

Darla: (growls) W-Would it kill you to just wait?!

Earl Grey: Ugh! Fine! Just take your girl and leave!

(Rapper unties Rei)

Rei: Well, it was fun while it lasted.

(Rapper pulls Kari out from the torture chamber while Rei carries an unconscious Katorou)

Kari: The decorations in there were nice! Someone should host a Halloween party in there.

(they walk out of the mansion)

Rapper: Eesh, what was with that blue girl? It's like she liked Earl Grey.

Rei: Well, isn't she his daughter or something?

Earl Grey: (from the mansion) SHE'S NOT MY DAUGHTER!!

Darla: (sighs) I should probably go. Besides... (takes out a knife and sheets of paper) I have a Halloween story to become real. (walks off giggling)

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