Hanna is a young girl wolf that is a type fire. Hanna is not protested be herself because there is someone that is hunting her down which it a ice type group that are looking for her. The ice type want her dead so her could get help and start a war. Hanna is trying to live so the ice type would give up and stoping for her. Hanna walk around in snow, looking somewhere to stop, try to learn her ability and power, here is her story...

The Start

Hanna live a snow town called Fire Woods Snow. Her have friends, family, and other that made her happy. Sadly, the problem was the the wolf fire type was going on war with the light blue wolf ice type. As before, the people with the fire and ice was getting along, they were a helpful town and the name of the town before was Woods Stone. Sadly, since they are at war, Hanna worry more and think she have to be part of the war, but her mother and father said no and also said that they have too, not her. Hanna have a lot of question about the war.

Hanna mother and father was ready for the war that start about 7 min., but before it start, Hanna mother gave her a warm coat that could help Hanna. Her father said that if they have lost and was killed... run away. Run away and don't look back. Hanna understand and was about to cry. Her family hug her and left. Hanna put on the coat and run to the forest, but think about something and run to the higher hill so she can see the war.

Later on, Hanna was fully cry because since the war was over, the ice type won and every one of the fire type was gone and dead. Also, her parent. One of the ice type sense one of the fire type that is still living. They search around so they make sure that everyone of the fire type is dead, but as one of them look up, Hanna was spotted and they growl at her. They come after Hanna and she started to run fast.