History Lesson
History Lesson
Air date 1-19-14
Written by AndrewBrauer
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Set in Daytime
Location Ball Busters, Crack Den, and Restaurant
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 Simon learns of some unexpected history of Ball Busters. Alice catches up with an old friend. Emma visits a crack den.

Rating: TV-MA

  • Graphic Violence
  • Adult Content
  • Adult Language



1:00 PM

On a Wednesday

(Opens with Simon looking in the closet behind his desk in his office)

Simon: Son of a bitch.

(A box falls off a shelf and nearly hits Simon as he moves out of the way)

Simon: Holy Shit.

(Simon opens the box and finds a Super Eight film machine and old film)

Simon: Wow, this looks like something straight out of the seventies.

(Simon cracks open a can of beer, takes a sip, and it suddenly cuts to Simon carrying the box of film and the Super Eight film machine downstairs to Thomas and Michael)

Thomas: Whoa, where did you get that?

Simon: I found it.

Michael: What exactly is it?

Simon: Looks like some old film.

Thomas: You better be careful, you know what happens when you look at old footage like this?

Simon: Somehow we all get killed.

Thomas: Thanks for spoiling it.

(Simon sets up the Super Eight machine, and proceeds to put in the first film)

Simon: Alright, let's see what was here before.

(Simon plays the film, and it shows a man in a top hat and a cane, sitting in a chair, and a woman shows up)

Michael: Looks like a setup for a porn film.

Thomas: (Sarcastically) Really?

Simon: That would be so sick. (Laughs)

(The woman in the film climbs on top of the man in the top hat and makes out with him while also grinding on his lap)

Simon: Aw yeah, I wish I had some tissues and lotion.

Thomas: (To Simon) (Disgusted) Gross.

(Then the woman stabs the man in the neck with a knife and the film cuts out as she proceeds to rip his throat)

Michael: What the fuck!

Thomas: See I told you.

(Cuts to Alice sitting at a park bench, and Indigo shows up)

Indigo: (Excited) Alice!

Alice: Indigo hey.

(Alice and Indigo hug and then both sit down on the bench)

Alice: So how have you been, I haven't seen you in the past few months?

Indigo: I've been busy with Auburn, he's been trying to make sure I avoid contact with certain people like Red and Wolf.

Alice: And I'm guessing he is making sure you don't do any other activities that the two participate in as well?

Indigo: Hey, he's just looking out for me.

Alice: Well, at least you have someone to come home to.

Indigo: And you're still single I guess.

Alice: I don't get it, I've got good looks, I'm ambitious, and I'm easy to like, yet I end up hooking up with scumbags like Simon.

Indigo: Seriously, you're still sleeping with him?

(Flashbacks to Alice in a bathroom , staring at the mirror)

Simon: (Through the door) Come on, I don't have all day.

Alice: I'm coming.

(Alice swallows a pill and it cuts back to Alice and Indigo)

Alice: I can't help it, there's something about him that makes him so sexy.

Indigo: It's probably the alcohol.

Alice: Anyways, I'll find my true love one day.

Indigo: But you keep saying that, look if you need my help, I'm sure me and Wednesday and help set you up.

Alice: Wait, you're getting Wednesday to help, isn't she head over heels in love with that douchebag with all that gel in his hair?

Indigo: She's just looking for a soulmate like you, and I'm sure she'll come in handy.

(Cuts to Emma outside a warehouse, looking nervous, and a drug dealer shows up)

Drug Dealer: Hey, you that bitch Emma.

Emma: (Acting tough) Who wants to know.

Drug Dealer: I'm the supplier behind the crack you usually buy from guy on the block.

Emma: You know, guy on the block.

Drug Dealer: Yeah, I know every guy on every block, I'm the supplier.

Emma: Oh, I know that.

Drug Dealer: Great lie, come on, I'll take you inside.

(Emma and the drug dealer enter the warehouse and see an empty room with a lightbulb lighting up the room)

Emma: What is all this?

Drug Dealer: Haven't you ever been to a crack den before, this is where most of the addicts like you hang out at.

Stacy: (Suddenly enters the room) Hey bitch.

Emma: Stacy, you smoke crack?

Stacy: I do now.

(Suddenly the door closes and locks up)

Emma: (Struggles to open) Fuck, we're locked in.

(Cuts to Simon, Thomas, and Michael staring at the Super Eight film machine at Ball Busters)

Simon: Should we watch the next film?

Thomas: No!

Michael: I would.

Thomas: (To Michael) Seriously?

Michael: Why not, this place has history behind it, so it's best to just learn about it right now, in case we are somehow thrown into some stupid horror movie plot.

Thomas: What?

(It then suddenly cuts to Simon putting a new film in the Super Eight film machine)

Simon: Wonder what's in store next.

(The film starts up and it shows the man in the top hat chained onto the ceiling barely alive)

Thomas: Holy Shit, the guy's still alive.

(The woman appears and begins to slice his body, until all his organs bleed out and hit the floor, afterwards the woman stares at the screen with a creepy face, then the film stops)

Thomas: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Michael: Keep it together we just one more film left.

Thomas: No, no more, I'm out of here, this is sick.

(Thomas leaves the club, as it then cuts to Wednesday sitting next to a tree looking at a picture of Broseph, when Alice and Indigo show up)

Indigo: Hey Wednesday!

(Wednesday quickly puts away the picture)

Indigo: Remember Alice, she works at Ball Busters.

Wednesday: Oh yeah, how's it been?

Alice: Fine.

Indigo: By fine, she means she's single and lonely.

Wednesday: So you need my help to set you up with a guy.

Alice: Sure.

Wednesday: Well we'll help you find someone, but be careful who you choose.

Alice: Uh… Okay.

Indigo: How about Wolf, I hear he's single.

Wednesday: Yeah, but he's never looking for a long term relationship.

Alice: Plus, he's obsessed with killing which is creepy.

Indigo: Okay, how about Purple, he's always looking to score.

Alice: I don't know, I hear he's known for being a smart ass.

Wednesday: Who's Purple?

Indigo: Maybe Lord Tourettes.

Alice: Wouldn't that be too weird.

Indigo: Because of his swearing? You do know that's because of his…

Alice: (Interrupts) Because he's Wednesday's brother.

Wednesday: Yeah it would be odd.

Indigo: Alright, well I'm sure we'll find someone.

(Cuts to Emma sitting with Stacy smoking crack in the crack den)

Emma: Why do you think we're here?

Stacy: I don't know, I heard there was a party here.

Emma: From who?

Stacy: Red.

Emma: Well, my usual drug dealer told me about the supplier hosting a party in this warehouse.

Stacy: Wait, why did we both get different reasons?

<Random Girl 1: (Suddenly) Because it's a trap.

Emma: What the fuck?

(Two more Random girls pop up unexpectedly)

Random Girl 2: You don't know what you got yourself into.

Random Girl 3: You two are now slaves.

Stacy: Oh shit.

(Cuts to Simon and Michael watching the last film and it shows the woman getting slapped and handcuffed by a mysterious man, then the film ends)

Simon: Okay what is this shit?

(Thomas and Molly walk in)

Molly: Guys, Thomas told me about the film, it's a lost collection of murders done by slaves of women.

Michael: How do you know?

Molly: (Sighs) Because I use to be one of them.

Simon, Thomas, and Michael: What!

Molly: It was something I was involved in for a couple of months when I moved back to the city after living in Mexico for a while, Luckily I managed to escape but this thing is still going on.

Simon: So what does this footage prove?

Molly: That this place used to be one of they're bases of operation.

Simon: My club was a hooker, killer, sociopath madhouse!?

Molly: Well, I guess. Anyways they always target rich men by using sex appeal.

Simon: Wait, didn't Emma say she was going to a party today.

Thomas: Oh no.

(Cuts to Emma kicking open a wall and her eyes are red with blood dripping down her lips, implying that she ate everyone in the crack den)

Emma: I WANT MEAT!!!!

(Emma then runs down the street, and it cuts to Alice having dinner with a man in a top hat)

Alice: So, do you have any hobbies?

Man in Top Hat: Well, I work in a business that makes plenty of money.

(Then a random girl pops up)

Random Girl 4: (To Man in Top Hat) Money you say, well I'm about to give you a reason to spend some of it.

Alice: Excuse me, Do you know this man?

Random Girl 4: No.

Alice: Well, could you please leave us alone, we're on a date.

(Emma then pops up and chews on the random girl's neck, with blood spewing out and the girl falls to the ground dead)

Man in Top Hat: Oh my god, this is too much. (He then runs away)

Alice: Wait, I never got you're name!

(Simon, Thomas, Molly, and Michael show up)

Simon: (Slowly) Emma, calm down, it's me your brother Simon, you just smoked your first hit of crack, you need to breathe.

(Emma slowly breathes in and out, and goes back to normal)

Emma: Whoa! That was wild.

Alice: Do you know what you just did, you ruined my date!

Molly: Actually she saved your date, he was about to be seduced by a girl and killed off in a warehouse.

Alice: How do you know?

Molly: Long story, I'll explain later.

Thomas: Well, do you even know who the man responsible for this is.

Molly: His name is Mr. Black, he's an international criminal who's in charge of many sex rings that also perform murder and other disgusting activities.

Simon: Well, where is he anyway?

Molly: I know him well enough that he's already discovered that one of his warehouse's is ruined, so now he's disappeared.

(Cuts to Mr. Black standing on top of a building looking at a storm about to hit with the song Stan being played in the background and the camera focuses on his hands for several seconds and then cuts to his face)

Mr. Black: (Laughs in a Evil Tone) Soon, you'll know my name.

Created By AndrewBrauer

Written By AndrewBrauer

-Lightshow Episode 5-

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  • Marks the first appearance of Mr. Black.
  • Even though it was implied that Stacy died in the crack den, she is shown to be alive in the next episode WTF.
  • We learn that Ball Busters use to be involved in a sex ring.
  • We learn that Molly was involved in a sex ring.

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