Holly is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. She is a dark blue female stick figure and is Steve's girlfriend. She's been Steve's best friend since Elementary School, and as of today, she is now dating Steve.

Social Life

Holly has been with Steve for a long time because they love each other very much. Steve has tried lots of ways to make her feel comfortable.

In Dick Figures: Fanons Unite, Holly had a fight with Steve and they broke up. However, she forgives Steve for what she did and the two continued dating again.

She likes Pink and most of her friends. Holly used to hang out with Pink until middle school. They met again in the present day and still hang out.

Holly forgot about Steve when they didn't go to the same high school together. Holly was heartbroken because she might not be seeing her best friend again.

In All Hail the Bitch, it's revealed Rare is Holly's Estranged cousin.

Early Life

Holly actually met Steve in primary school but they didn't remember each other because they just forgot about each other. Soon Holly will realise she's dating one of her best friends. Holly was also friends with Pink and the two got along just fine.


  • She can get a little overprotective of Steve, as seen in Once in a Lifetime Opportunity.
  • Dislikes people who harm Steve.
  • In Man Up Girl!, it shows she hates Rapper and Wolf for pushing around Steve too long.
  • She's the only one that doesn't call Steve's hair a piece of shit.


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