Horrible Hiccups
Air date 3-2-14
Written by AndrewBrauer & AFiguresRock
Directed by AndrewBrauer & AFiguresRock
Set in Daytime
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 Simon gets the hiccups and needs help getting rid of them.



(Opens with Simon with a bag over his head hiccuping)

Simon: 'Hiccup' this 'Hiccup' suck!

(Heather saw the Simon with a bag over it and didn't know it was him, Simon opens the bag and is surprised by Heather)

Simon: Shit 'hiccup' it 'hiccup' didn't work.


Simon: I 'hiccup' got the hiccups somehow.

Heather: Let me ask one of your friends!

Simon: Whatever 'hiccup' works.

(Heather grab Simon hand and run in sonic speed)

Simon: I 'hiccup' didn't think that 'hiccup' worked.

Heather: (Slap him) Don't you say that, we can find a way, right?!

Simon: (Gets Annoyed) Fine! You stupid bitch!

(Michael approaches Simon and Heather, Heather smiles at him)

Michael: What's up?

Heather: He have the hiccups…

Simon: Yes 'hiccup' I 'hiccup' have them.

Michael: Why don't you do a handstand, that works whenever I get them.

Simon: I'll try. (Simon does a handstand)

Michael: Well, does it work?

(Simon hiccups and falls on the ground)

Heather: In my world, we use spells and potions.

(Heather smiles again at both of them)

Simon: Okay, there is no way I'm using potions.

(Simon hiccups two more times)

(Alice approaches them)

Alice: Hey Simon, what's going on?

Heather: (Laughing to herself)

Alice: Usually I drink plenty of water.

(Michael hands Simon a hose)

Michael: Here.

Heather: Why use a hose when you can get a glass of water.

Simon: 'Hiccup' my 'hiccup' are getting 'hiccup' worse!

(Michael turns on the hose, but the water is too much and Simon's body turns into a balloon full of water)

Alice: Yikes!

Heather: Yikes, water! I HATE WATER!

Michael: I think that's too much!

(Simon spits out gallons of water that hit Heather, Alice, and Michael)

Heather: Why?! (Shake like a dog)

Alice: At least your clean?

Simon: Nothing is 'Hiccup' working!

Michael: I got an idea!

Simon: What?

(Michael grabs Stacy)

Simon: Just kiss Stacy?

Michael: Yeah!

(Simon and Stacy make out)

Simon: Hey! My hiccups are gone!

(Heather look away)

Simon: (To Heather) What?

Heather: In my world, I have never seen like this before…

Simon: Well, me neither, but some people here have interesting methods for curing hiccups.

Heather: We did.

(Stacy walks away)

Michael: Uhh! (Does fake hiccups and chases Stacy) Hey 'hic' Stacy I 'hic' got a problem!

Heather: (Sigh) Well, we can go with my plan.

Alice: What?

Simon: You realize he doesn't actually have them.

The End

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