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How Large is Too Large?
Season 1, Episode 6
6. How Large is Too Large
Air date 12/24/13
Written by MDKid663 and IONIX
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(Damon is shooting Street Members)

(Nicole is looking out her window, seeing Damon shooting the Street Members.)

Nicole: *sigh* I wish I could do something fun like that.

(Damon quickly notices Nicole)

(Nicole quickly ducks below her window.)

Nicole: Oh gosh!

Damon: (sighs) Figures. (keeps shooting Street Member with his desert eagles)

(Nicole peeks out the window.)

Nicole: Hey you!

Damon: Yeah?

Nicole: Can I help you kill those Members?

Damon: Really? How?

(She jumps out her window, and falls out in a kicking position, kicking one of the members to the ground.)

Nicole: Like that.

Damon: Wow.

(Nicole proceeds to absolutely destroy the rest of the members.)

Damon: (sarcastic) Well that's amazing.

(Nicole notices his sarcastic tone.)

Nicole: What's that supposed to mean?

Damon: Nothing.

Nicole (embarrassed): Oh... sorry.

Damon: Well see ya. (about to leave)

Nicole: No wait!

(Damon turns around.)

Nicole: You seem like a nice guy.

Damon: Yeah?

Nicole: Yeah! We should get to know each other more!

Damon: (sighs) Fine. I'm Damon.

Nicole: I'm Nicole! So, what do you do for a living?

Damon: Well. Black magic.

Nicole: That sounds awesome! Too bad I'm so grounded in reality...

Damon: What did you do?

Nicole: I'm part of the VAGINA squad. We're an organization devoted to fighting crime!

Damon: I see. And the members are Derek, Isaac, Cameron, Kaleb and Samuel.

Nicole: I...I'm not going to question how you know that.

Damon: And the squad members you are part are Violet, Amy, Georgia, Ianthe and Absinthe.

Nicole: Still kind of creepy.

Damon: Knowledge of all kind of people, people always say that.

Nicole: Okay then. So, want to go back to my place?

Damon: Alright.

(Nicole starts walking Damon to his place, where she takes him into her bedroom.)

Damon: (confused) Umm, why are we in your bedroom?

Nicole (seductively): Because my idea of getting to know people is a little different...

Damon: (realizes as he sighs) Before we start this. (gives her an amulet) This will make you chest bigger.

Nicole: Sweet!

(She uses the amulet, and her chest nearly quadruples in size.)

Damon: Oh! Would you look at time. Gotta go. (about to run off)

(She rubs her breasts against his back.)

Nicole: Oh c'mon, stay a while!

Damon: (sighs) Fine. Nicole: How about we start with the action?~ (She pushes him on the bed.)

Damon: You go first.

(Nicole unzips his pants, and shoves his dick into her virgin vagina.)

Nicole: Agh! So good!

Damon: (sighs) This is gonna take a long time.

Nicole: Oh no it's not!

(She grabs her lube, which makes the person more sexually aroused, and rubs it all over his dick.)

Damon: (starts to feel aroused) Uhhh, I kinda like were this is heading.

(Nicole laughs seductively.)

Nicole: How about you suck on my nice, large tits?

Damon: Alright. (licks Nicole's large tits)

Nicole: Mmm...your tongue feels so nice against my soft nipples...

Damon: (speaks in head) They are kinda soft and nice.

Nicole (speaks in head): Maybe I can get maximum pleasure if I bring out the big guns...

Nicole: Oboes! Get in here!

Damon: Who?

Nicole: You'll see.

(Oboes bursts into the room.)

Oboes: What's up?

Nicole: I need to get maximum pleasure out of this guy.

Damon: (speaks in head) Ah goddammit.

Oboes: Ooh, what's this?

(Oboes picks up the amulet, and her breasts grow two times larger.)

Oboes: Oh, this is going to be easy.

Spark: (comes by) Hey Oboes I just wanna come by an- What the fuck!?

(Spark sees Oboes sucking on Damon's dick, as Damon is licking Nicole's pussy.)

Spark: (facepalms) Oh god.

Spark: What the fuck!?

Damon (muffled): Come join in!

Spark: Sweet! (joins in)

(Nicole starts giving Spark a titjob.)

(Spark moans)

(Damon sucks Oboes tits)

Oboes: Oh yeah, suck my large tits!

(Spark groans more)

Nicole: Let's make your nice dick cum hard!

(Spark's pre-cum came out)

Nicole: Oh cum on! You can do better than that!

Spark: Ah fuck it. (shoots massive amounts of cum at Nicole)

Nicole: Oh god! There's so much!

Oboes: It's like a magical fountain!

Spark: (speaks in head) Does she really have to say that?

(Oboes squirts tons of milk out of her titties right into Damon's mouth.)

Damon: Man, I feel like a baby...

Oboes: milk is really warm...

(Damon and Spark get off the bed.)

Damon: Thanks for excitement, ladies!

Oboes, Nicole: No problem!

(Nicole looks at Oboes seductively.)

Nicole: I could use a little more excitement...

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