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Hunt for Treasure
Hunt for Treasure
Air date April 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
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 Red & Blue find a treasure map that leads to treasure, which is in a building. However they may not be the only ones looking for treasure. For the comic sequel, please go here.


Minor Characters

  • Lord Tourettes
  • Pink
  • Stacy
  • Broseph
  • Raccoon
  • Fifi (done by Alpha Lonewolf)


(It was a lovely day at the beach and several characters were having a great time.)

(Lord Tourettes is seen burying Broseph in the sand next to the water.)

Lord Tourettes: Have fun in there MOTHER FUCKER! (skips off)

(Broseph notices the tide coming in.)

Broseph: Uh, okay dude, you can pull me out now!

(The tide comes closer as Broseph starts to freak out.)

Broseph: (freaking out) Uh can someone PLEASE PULL ME OUT!!

(cuts to Pink taking pictures of the beach.)

Pink: Aah. This is just beautiful.

(Suddenly Stacy splashes water at Pink.)

Pink: What the? (angry) Stacy!!! You just destroyed my new camera!!!

Stacy: As if I care, bitch!

(Pink starts chasing Stacy. Scene cuts to Raccoon serving Japanese food at the beach.)

Raccoon: Come and get your free Japanese food! Vhell It's not actually free!

(Scene cuts to Red & Blue lying on the sand with sunglasses)

Red: That cloud looks like boobs.

Blue: Oh god.

(Suddenly a slip of paper falls on Blue's face)

Blue: What the hell? (picks the paper and reads it) Whoa dude! Check this out!

(Red leans over at the paper)

Red: Whoa! A treasure map! Maybe the treasure is a photo album containing boobs!

Blue: Well we'll just have to find out. Wait.... It's in a building? The treasure must be that awesome.

(time lapse, Red and Blue are already inside the building. They approach an elevator. A card reads 'OUT OF ORDER)

Blue: What!? Out of order!? That means we'll have to take....... The stairs.

Red: Let's Go!

Blue: Well It's just a few stairs right?


(Red & Blue reach the top. Blue is tired but Red is not.)

Blue: (about to faint) Uhhh!! SO MANY STAIRS!!!! (faints)

Red: Dude! We found it!

Blue: (wakes up) REALLY!?

(Before Red & Blue could take the treasure, a bullet hits Blue's hand)


(Red sees a mysterious character in the shadows so they couldn't tell who it was.)

Mysterious figure: So you think the treasure's yours it?

Red: Yeah! What's it to ya!?

(The Mysterious figure fires a bullet at Red but Red dodges it.)


(The Mysterious figure walks out of the shadow, the figure is revealed to be Rapper)

Red: Rapper? Name still sucks though. (snickers)


Rapper: Well Duh! I don't let no one touch what's rightfully mine.

Blue: We were the ones who found the treasure map first!

Rapper: Well so did I! (shows the map)

Blue: Well that doesn't matter! The treasure is ours!

Rapper: No! It's mine!

Blue: OURS!

Rapper: MINE!

Blue: OURS! Actually it's going to me mine.

Rapper: MINE!

Blue: MINE!

Rapper: MINE!

Blue: MINE!

Rapper: YOURS!


Rapper: Okay then! (runs after the treasure)

Blue: Wait a minute.... DAMN IT!!

Rapper: Wait a minute..... THERE'S NO TREASURE!

Blue: What!? RED!!!

Red: I don't have it!

Blue: But where is it now!?

Red: I think I know who has.

(scene cuts to Fifi eating some cookies. That was the treasure.)

Fifi: I LOVE COOKIES!!! Thanks Cookie Monster!

Episode Ends



  • This is the 6th time Broseph died.
  • The scene where Rapper tricks Blue is a reference to Bugs Bunny.
  • It seems Red can climb high stairs without getting tired.
  • This was the 2nd time Rapper tries to kill Blue and the 1st time for Red.
  • Fifi was the one who found the treasure and the treasure was cookies left by Cookie Monster, who's from Sesame Street.

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