This is my first comic for the Fanon. Red, Blue & Rapper decide to go treasure hunting. However they run into many trouble. For the prequel please go here.


  • Red (In All Parts)
  • Blue (In All Parts)
  • Rapper (In All Parts)
  • Bruce (In Parts 5, 6, 7)
  • Skeleton (Part 3 and 4)
  • Pink (mentioned in Part 2 and 5)

Part 1: Beginning of Hunting

(Red & Blue are sitting on their couch looking bored)
Comic 1

Part 1

Rapper: (crashes through window)

Blue: Rapper! What the hell dude! You're gonna pay for that window!

Red: Don't give a shit about windows.

Rapper: You can pay plenty because I found... (pulls out paper) this!

Red: (reads) Sick! Treasure Hunting!

Blue: (facepalms) Oh god, not again.

Red: (crashes through another window) Treasure MINE!


Rapper: Coming bloser?

Blue: (grumbles) Fine!

to be continued...

Part 2: Location Found

(Red & Rapper continue walking down the street followed by Blue who looks tired)
Comic 2

Part 2

Blue: (tired) Fuuuuck! Can we take a rest?

Red: When finding treasure!? (punches Blue) No way bloser! We MUST find beautiful treasure! (looks at map) Think of all the fancy dates you can take Pink on!

Blue: (thinks) I guess that would work. Fine! We might as well get this over and done with.

Red: (reads map) It says here that the treasure is in a creepy old house!

Rapper: (thinks) Creepy old house? Perhaps maybe this one?

Blue: Wait you idiots! There's more than one creepy old house!

Rapper: (hits Blue) Well I'm not gonna bother looking.

(the group look up at a big very old house)

Blue: I guess we can just check this one out.

Red: TREASURE TIME!!! (runs inside)

to be continued...

Part 3: Danger Aproaches

(as they enter the abandoned house, Red & Blue have scared looks)
Comic 3

Part 3

Blue: Dude, this is scarier than watching Red running around naked.

Red: And THAT was sexy! I got so many dicks to suck MY dick!

Blue: (disgusted) Gross!

Rapper: (to Blue) Your not leaving us now Blue! Who's gonna be our bait?


Rapper: We always use the dork.

(while walking, Blue sees a skeleton)

Blue: (scared) I feel like soon that skeleton will move.

Red: (sees skeleton) Awesome! A skeleton! I could use that to scare the living out of Broseph!

(suddenly the skeleton jumps up and roars at the group causing them to scream)

Red: (eyes go big) HOLY SHIT!!!!!

Blue: RUUUUUN!!!!!!

to be continued...

Part 4: Nice Hair Blue

(Red is seen floating while he and Blue are running away from the skeleton, the skeleton then grabs Blue)
Comic 4

Part 4

Blue: (shocked) HOLY SHIT!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!

Rapper: (sees fire can) Maybe If I could... (grabs the can and fires the fire at the skeleton but burns Blue as well) That won't kill the skeleton but it'll keep him busy.

Blue: (burning) You IDIOT! I'm on fire!

Red: But what about the TREASURE!

Rapper: Red's right, no time for this crap. (points at Blue and winks) By the way nice hair.

Blue: (outraged) IT'S FIRE AND I'M BURNING!!!!!

(Blue finds that the two are already gone)

Blue: (angry) DOES ANYONE LISTEN TO ME!?!?!?

Red: Coming Blue?

Blue: (growls) Fine!

to be continued...

Part 5: Finding the Treasure

(The group are seen entering another room and they see a treasure chest)
Comic 5

Part 5

Blue: Oh! Well there was treasure here all along.

Rapper: This is it guys. The moment we've been waiting for! TIME TO OPEN THE CHEST!!!

Blue: (sighs of happiness) Think of all the fancy dates I can take Pink on.

Red: Think of all the prostitutes I can buy! (thinks in his head)

(2 girls are surrounding Red)

Prostitute: This guy is so sexy!

Red: Cuz I'm AWESOME!!!

(Thoughts End)

(Rapper opens the chest but nothing is seen inside)

Rapper: What the Shit!?

Red: (pissed) NOO!!! NO PROSTITUTES!!! WHY!!!!??

Blue: (looks out a window) Wait a minute! BRUCE has the REAL treasure!

Rapper: (looks out window) BRUCE!?

Bruce: Finally I found you! (runs off)

Red: Uh Rapper, are you okay.

Rapper: (eyes turn red) I AM NOT LETTING HIM GET AWAY.

Blue: Shit that was scary.

to be continued...

Part 6: Finding the Thief

(shows Bruce running away on a bridge when suddenly he is pounced on by Rapper)
Comic 6

Part 6


Bruce: (confused) What the fuck dick!? What are you doing!?

Rapper: Give me the treasure NOW or you'll never see life again!

Bruce: Just why do you want this 'treasure' exactly!?

Red: So we can be rich and I can buy prostitutes!

Blue: (stares at Red) Seriously?

Bruce: (sarcastically) Well I hate to tell you but you just made me throw the treasure in the WATER!

Blue: What? (looks over the bridge and sees the treasure chest) Oh yup.

Red: (pupils shrink) Treasure gone!? NO PROSTITUTES AND BURRITOS!!!

Rapper: (grabs Bruce by the neck) YOU are helping us get that treasure or else you are so fucking dead! Capiche!?

Bruce: But you don't understand!

(Rapper runs off before Bruce could finish off his sentence)

Bruce: Douche. (runs after them)

to be continued...

Part 7: Retrieving the Treasure

Hunt for Treasure 7

Part 7

(Rapper jumps into the water. He spots the treasure and pulls it out of the water)

Red: WELL???

Rapper: (pulls out treasure chest) I got it.

Red: (snickers) YES! The stuff I want is right here!

Blue: Which you WILL share right?

Red: No!

Bruce: You idiots don't understand anything! That treasure is-

Rapper: Shut up!

(Blue opens the treasure chest and becomes shocked)

Blue: OH MY GOD! IT'S-

to be continued...

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