I Am The Man
I Am The Man
Got it!?
Air date 6-1-14
Written by AndrewBrauer
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Set in Present
Location Ballbusters and Alice's apartment
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 Emma learns the truth behind Chad Cop and Sarah Connors, Simon takes a big step in his relationship with Sarah, Alice gets some news about her book.

Rating: TV-MA

  • Mild Violence
  • Brief Nudity
  • Adult Content
  • Adult Language



11:00 PM

On a Friday

(Opens with Emma walking into Alice's apartment)

Emma: Alice, you won't believe what's going on with… (Notices Alice and Thomas sitting on the couch looking at Emma)

Thomas: I think we know more than you do.

Emma: More of what?

Alice: Sit Emma. (Emma goes to sit in the middle of the couch)

Emma: So what really is going on?

Thomas: Well, Alice should explain.

(Emma turns to Alice)

Alice: Remember how everyone thought I was crazy because Simon was with Sarah Connors?

Emma: (Nods head) Yeah.

Alice: It's not so crazy now because, Sarah and Chad Cop are pretty much the same person.

Emma: Wait, what?

Alice: Chad Cop can transform into Sarah, like how she can then turn back into him.

Emma: (Shocked) Oh my god! You mean I could've been having sex with a woman?

Thomas: (Curious) Did you?

Emma: No. I was going to, but then I found out about this.

Alice: So what do we do now?

Thomas: We could just tell everyone.

Alice: Well Molly won't believe me since she's too busy with Veronica, Simon would just think he's drunk, but then there's Michael.

Emma: We should find a way to tell him.

Thomas: Why don't we tell everyone now so that it's out in the open.

Alice: They still wouldn't believe us, I mean come on. A love obsessed woman, a crack addict, and a man who's stalking his crush, they'll think we're crazy.

Emma: Maybe we can find a way to get Michael to know, but how.

(They all have a thinking expression for a couple of seconds)

Emma: I got it!

Alice: What Em?

Emma: Maybe we can convince him to spend some time with Sarah, and we'll say because his best friend Simon thinks that it should be necessary.

Thomas: I think we should just tell them.

Alice: No I agree, I mean if I had a new boyfriend I would want you guys to spend some time with him, this could work.

Emma: Of course. Now just let me take care of it, and you two just stay out of my way.

Alice: I really have to, since I'm their next target.

Emma: Wait, what?

Alice: I'll explain later, just take care of all that.

(Emma gets up and leaves, it then cuts to Simon and Sarah Connors in bed after having sex)

Simon: That was fun!

Sarah Connors: For sure.

Simon: But I kinda of want to talk to you.

Sarah Connors: Okay. (Turns to see Simon in bed)

Simon: We've been seeing each other for about a month now, and I don't know much about you, like where you came from, or where you actually work?

Sarah Connors: Well, I thought you wanted to have sex?

Simon: I do. But since I've been with you, I kinda if want to see what actually being in a relationship is like, you know, because I hear it's so horrible.

Sarah Connors: (Giggles) So what do you want to do with me? (Pulls off the blanket and reveals her breasts)

Simon: (Touches Sarah's breasts for a couple seconds) You want to move in with me?

Sarah Connors: (Surprised) Really, you think about that?

Simon: Uh, well look at it like this, if we move in, then we can do more of that god fucking we like.

(Sarah Connors thinks for a couple seconds)

Sarah Connors: (In her head) This could help break the suspicions about Emma. (To Simon) Okay, I'll move in.

Simon: Great! Well then make yourself at home. (They both get up and put on their clothes)

Sarah Connors: And by good fucking…

Simon: …sex, that's what I meant.

Sarah Connors: Just checking. (Kisses Simon as it cuts to Michael looking on his record shelf the next day at Ball Busters)

Michael: I need something good.

(Emma approaches Michael)

Emma: Hey Mike, whatcha up to?

Michael: Picking out tonight's songs, I don't know whether to play Afrojack or Zedd.

Emma: (Interrupts) So Michael, what do you think of Sarah, Simon's girlfriend?

Michael: Sarah Connors? I don't know, she seems alright.

Emma: Well if you really want to know her more, why don't you hang out with her, do something together like go bowling or something.

Michael: Oh, well do you think Simon would be okay with it.

Emma: (Thinks for a second) Most likely yes.

Michael: (Thinks for a few seconds) Okay, I'll see if she's available tonight.

Emma: (Smiles) Great. (Walks off and sees Molly and Veronica kissing at the bar)

Molly: (To Emma) Em, what's going on?

Emma: Oh nothing, but I see that you two seem very happy.

Veronica: Why wouldn't we, we're young and in love, it's just right. (Kisses Molly's cheek)

Emma: Well I got a question.

Molly & Veronica: Sure.

Emma: Since it's two girls in the relationship, who would be the tough one out of the two.

(Molly and Veronica stare at each other for a few seconds)

Molly: Well…

Veronica: (Interrupts) …that would be me.

Molly: (Slightly angry) Wait, you would be the man of the relationship

Veronica: Well yeah, I Am the man of this relationship.

Molly: How?

Veronica: I had to learn what a man is like from my two idiot brothers, and I do work out.

Molly: Ronnie, I don't think yoga and stretching your body can be considered working out.

Veronica: Then what about you?

Molly: I've killed people before, and I can be aggressive underneath this cute face.

Veronica: (Giggles) Yeah right.

Molly: Okay then, well… (Puts her hand on the bar counter and notices it greasy and messy) Yuck! This place is a mess.

Emma: (To Molly) Don't you guys have janitors.

Molly: We have those mexican janitors that come in during the morning, but most recently they have been taking more breaks then they should have.

Emma: How many?

Molly: Like five.

Veronica: (To Molly) Oh, so that proves one thing about you, it's that you can be easily manipulated.

Molly: (Slightly shocked) What? No I'm not.

Veronica: Then prove it.

Molly: I will, I'll prove that I can be the man, and that in this relationship I Am the man!

(Cuts to Alice in her apartment doing the dishes and her cellphone rings)

Alice: (On the phone) Hello?

Mr. Grayson: (On the other line) Alice, this must be you.

Alice: (On the phone) Mr. Grayson, how are you doing?

Mr. Grayson: (On the other line) Just swell, it seems your book is being rumored to be the next big novel.

Alice: (On the phone) Are you serious?

Mr. Grayson: (On the other line) Yes, I talked about the book with some good buddies of mine, and we may be able to get started publishing the book.

Alice: (On the phone) That is so great, thank you!

Mr. Grayson: (On the other line) I just need you to come to my office today.

Alice: (On the phone) Got it. (Alice hangs up her cell phone as it cuts to Michael at a bowling alley waiting for Sarah Connors)

Sarah Connors: (Approaches Michael) Mike, it's me Sarah.

Michael: Oh hey, what took you so long?

Sarah Connors: I….. (Thinks for a couple seconds) forgot my keys inside my place. (Pulls out her keys) See.

Michael: Okay, so you ever went bowling?

Sarah Connors: Oh… that game you play where you roll a ball down an alley into the sticks at the end.

Michael: I'm guessing you haven't played before.

Emma: (Suddenly cuts in between the two) Hey you two! I thought you might want some company so I added in my name. Let's ball.

Michael: (Sighs) This should be interesting.

(Cuts to three greenish spanish janitors smoking out of a bong in a van.

Janitor One: Me Gusta es Weed!

Janitor Two: Si!

(They all laugh as Molly pounds on the back doors)

Molly: Hey! Spanish Janitors! Can you come out!

(They open the doors and a huge cloud of weed comes out and Molly coughs from it)

Janitor Three: Buenas Dias Senorita.

Molly: You three have been taking too many breaks and I would like to see you work more, got it!?

(The three janitors laugh at Molly)

Molly: (Sighs) Let me repeat myself. (Grabs the first Janitor's neck and strangles him against a wall tightly) Get back to work now!

(He nods his head slowly)

Molly: Good. (Let's him go) You two better join him, go! (The two other janitors follow the first janitor and Veronica watches)

Veronica: (Claps) Impressive, so you do live up to the nickname Weird Girl.

Molly: You know it. (Starts to make out with Veronica as it cuts to Alice in Mr. Grayson's office)

Mr. Grayson: (Walks in) Alice.

Alice: Mr. Grayson, Hi! (Shakes his hand as he sits down in his desk chair)

Mr. Grayson: So this book is quite impressive, it pretty much speaks to anyone who has ever had feelings for someone they can't have.

Alice: Well, it pretty much is based on myself.

Mr. Grayson: Are you serious?

Alice: (Quietly) Yes.

Mr. Grayson: Fascinating, this writing is so poetic, you have a great taste for literature.

Alice: Really? Even when I said that "his long cock could wake up every bitch in the world"?

Mr. Grayson: You also know good humor.

Alice: (Smiles) Thank you. So when can we get the book published?

Mr. Grayson: Well, I just have to speak with the major publishers and see if I can get it released so… (Suddenly he gets shot in the head from the window)

Alice: (Screams) Holy Shit!

(Mr. Black is shown on a rooftop with a sniper rifle and it turns out he was the one who shot Mr. Grayson)

Mr. Black: Strike One.

(Cuts to Sarah Connors bowling and she does a strike)

Sarah Connors: Yay!

Michael: Wow, and this is your first time bowling?

Sarah Connors: I guess so.

Emma: Cool. (Thinks in her head) I have to find a way of exposing Sarah.

Sarah Connors: Your turn Mike.

(Michael gets ready to bowl as Sarah Connors sits down next to Emma)

Emma: (Purposely spills her beer on Sarah's Leg) Oh shit, Sarah I'm so sorry.

Sarah Connors: Oh that's okay. (Nothing changes about her)

Emma: (Thinks in her head) Fuck, that didn't work.

Michael: Okay Emma your turn.

Emma: Great! (Gets up and prepares to bowl, right when she's about to let go, she purposely lets go of the bowling ball and it hits Sarah Connors in the face)

Michael: Emma! What was that?

Emma: Oh man, It must of slipped out of my hand.

Sarah Connors: It's fine, it was only a… (Checks the ball size) 18. (Seems to look just fine)

Emma: Okay. (Thinks) This bitch is good.

(Cuts to Mr. Grayson's Office and EMT Officers are putting Mr. Grayson's dead body on a stretcher and Alice is shown looking shocked)

Alice: Is he dead?

EMT Officer: I'm sorry Ma'am, but Mr. Grayson is pronounced dead, the bullet was powerful enough to blow his brains completely.

Alice: (Quietly) Oh, that's too bad.

EMT Officer: Did you know him?

Alice: He was going to get my book published.

EMT Officer: Well then, today must not be your lucky day.

(Alice walks out looking sad, as it cuts to Emma sitting with Sarah Connors and Michael at a bar)

Emma: So that was a fun game.

Michael: Yeah it was, except for when you poured water on the floor and tried to make Sarah fall down.

Emma: I don't know, I just feel clumsy today.

Sarah Connors: For what is was worth, I had a good time.

Michael: Well then, I'm going to get you ladies some beer, be right back. (Michael gets up and goes to the bar)

Emma: This has been fun. (Pulls out a crack stem and starts to smoke crack)

Sarah Connors: Oh… (Starts to glitch) what are you… (glitches more) doing?

Emma: I'm just… (Notices the glitching)…. uh, just smoking.

Sarah Connors: Thats… (Glitches)… not a cigarette.

Emma: (Yells) No, it's not a cigarette, it's crack!

Michael: (Comes back with three beer bottles) Emma! What are you doing? (Takes her crack stem and throws it away)

Emma: What? You know me.

Michael: But in front of Sarah?

Sarah Connors: (Goes back to normal) It's cool, I'm okay.

Michael: Well Sarah, you probably don't know this but Emma is a crack addict.

Emma: Yeah, I am.

Sarah Connors: Thanks for pointing that out, now that I'm aware of Emma more in the future.

Emma: (Thinks in her head) Thanks a lot Michael.

(Cuts to Molly and Veronica making out in Alice's apartment on her couch)

Molly: I'm hard aren't I?

Veronica: I'm more than hard now.

(They continue to make out as Alice walks in with tears in her eyes)

Alice: My book is ruined.

Molly: What?

Alice: I was with Mr. Grayson, my agent, and suddenly he gets shot in the head.

Veronica: Really? Sounds like something straight out of a movie.

Alice: Now that he's dead, I can't get my book published.

Molly: I'm sorry, can we do anything to make you feel better.

Alice: Find someone who will give a shit about my book?

(Molly and Veronica are silenced for a couple seconds and then continue to make out as Alice storms into her room still upset)

Veronica: She's still crazy, right?

Molly: Of course.

(Simon storms in looking happy)

Simon: Ladies, you can't have me anymore, cause Sarah and I have moved in together.

Molly: Wow Simon, that's huge, especially since your still taking training lessons on actually calling a girl back after a date.

Simon: Joke all you want, but at least I'm going home to a hot bitch every night, suck it!

(Thomas walks in with a pizza)

Thomas: Hey, did you hear that Mr. Black shot someone in a book agent's office today.

(Alice storms out and throws Thomas's pizza in his face and she storms back in her room)

Thomas: What the fu…

Created by AndrewBrauer

Written by AndrewBrauer

-Lighshow Episode 16-

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  • Originally suppose to air on June 1st, the episode had to be delayed for June 8th, due to schedule delays.
  • We learn that drugs that enter Sarah Connor's system can make her glitch.
  • We learn that Molly can be very tough.


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