IF YouTube React to Dick Figures

I'm going to use the username, not real one. If there 2 people, I'll put the name. I just need 6 Youtuber, in order.

(Red, Blue, Lord Tourettes, Raccoon & Mr. Dingleberry play poker in a round table. Red drinks a can of beer, then Broseph opens the door unexpectedly.)

Smosh- Antony: Is that beer?

Ian: No, that you.

EpicMealTime: He went to the door and...I don't know.

Nigahiga (Ryan): POKER!

Pewdiepie: Stick figures?

Cutiepie: ...

Tobuscus: Figures!

Broseph: Yo, dudes! Guys night! This is like, crazy right? Alright.

Red: What? Dude, who invited this guy?

Blue: He invited himself.

Red: What a mooch!

Smosh- Ian: Mooch!

Antony: (Laugh)

EpicMealTime: ...

Nigahiga: He can do that?! Ha, Ha

Pewdiepie: Wait bros, he's up to something.

Cutiepie: He

Tobuscus: He doesn't care, he just came nine with no permission.

Broseph: So what are we playing, ladies? Uno?

Blue: (groans) Hold' em 2 Cards Tanklan Buy In.

Broseph: Right on, right on. So is that like Uno or what? (Drinks beer.)

Red: Uno?! Real men play poker, yo!

Broseph: You saying I'm not a man, bro?! I'm, like, way more manly than you!

Red: Oh, yeah? Prove it, little girl. Manliest man gets the whole pot.

Broseph: Ha, way easy, brah! (Broseph is shown in a gym with extremely large muscles)

Smosh- Ian: WHAT THE!

Antony: (Laughing hard)

EpicMealTime: THE *Crow sound*!

Nigahiga: I didn't see that coming. (Laughing)

Pewdiepie: Little girl? I see muscles!

Cutiepie: What the! Why am I watching this?!

Tobuscus: (Laugh) This might get wrong.

Broseph: This 1 time I was, like, at the gym (Shows him benchpressing a bench), then I got down there & bench lifted, like (large barbell appears) 250 pounds! No, no, like, 250 PEOPLE, bro! (250 people are stacked up on the barbell) Like, strippers (the people turn into strippers on a pole) It was so sick, I was like, "No big deal, I got like a good 100 reps," it was chill. (Back in real world) -And I, like, maintained a perfect boner the whole time.

Red suddenly pulls out a gun & shoots Broseph as he briefly says: "Oh dude!" after a brief awkward silence.

Smosh: (Laughing hard)

EpicMealTime: I guess that mean they eat him.

Nigahiga: OH MY GOD!!!

Pewdiepie: (Laugh) Bang, that bro is dead!

Cutiepie: AAAAWWWWWWWWWW, that was mean.

Tobuscus: First, I though is was cool, but why?!

Blue: Oh yeah, Well, this 1 time, (shows Blue playing an RPG game) I did a 24-hour dungeon crawl using no armor, no magic, and only a Level 1 sword to kill 1,000 fire dragons. And then, I collected all their loot & bought a fuckin' griffen! (Griffen flies to an island full of in-game Pinks) Flew to Babe-a-lonia & had sex (Blue's character penetrates a pink sprite) with all the babes in the village with my Level 12 dick, of the mighty... on a school night! Epiiic!

Red: (pretendingly clearing his throat) Neerrrd.

Blue: It was hecka manly, I was on a dial-up.

Smosh- Ian: Everything is fake, ok?

Antony: That is a reminder.

Ian: But I don't know about this show.

EpicMealTime: Fake...

Nigahiga: DICK, WHAT?!?!


Cutiepie: This is gross!

Tobuscus: WHY? They weren't good anyway.

Red: So, how aboutchu, Forest Assasson?

Raccoon: (as black bars slowly close into his eyes) It was a long time ago, in ancient Japan, my country was at war & I commanded the strength of the 10,000 Hands of Justice. We were out numbered by the Takagami Demon Army, our town surrounded, I kissed my wife, for the last time, unsheathed the greatest Sword of Destiny & with it, slew 1000,100 warriors! Honorably! After the battle was won, I shattered the blade, so its great fury may never again be used on the earth.

Red: N'awwww! You're so cute, you're like a little bunny!

Raccoon: Bitchel!

Smosh- Ian: He, army.

Antony: Why is there a raccoon in this video?

Ian: I don't know.

EpicMealTime: Bunny?

Nigahiga: Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pewdiepie: He slew that much?

Cutiepie: He's so cute.

Tobuscus: Once this is over, I'm going to play minecraft or something like that.

Mr. Dingleberry: I remember back in '44... (World War II, Mr. Dingleberry is on a boat & soilders are prepared to fight while one is seasick & vomiting) when we landed in Normandy! (Red & Blue interrupt the story as Lord Tourettes looks up at the ceiling and Raccoon curls up on the bench)

Red: Boooring!

Blue: Oh, my God, is it over yet?!

(Somber music plays as a tear comes down from Mr. Dingleberry's eye.)

Smosh- Ian: Why is there a old man?

Antony: Is he for real?

EpicMealTime: Wow, old man.

Nigahiga: Let him tell his story.

Pewdiepie: That old man doesn't deserve that!

Cutiepie: Poor old man

Tobuscus: Kill them all.

Red: (music ends) I gotcha you ALL beat!

(Shows Red's story in a badly drawn fashion.)

Red: This morning I downed a gallon of rubbing alcohol & got a bowl of hand grenades & firecrackers for breakfast before I went outside, built a chainsaw hanglider with barbwire & used it to cut a Siberian Tiger out in space, which I barbecued on the Sun, and after I ate its tiger ribs I scalped it, then I fought a Fire Demon from the 20th dimension & saved a monster truck full of girls and then got massaged by a thousand Brazilian supermodels on a bean bag made out of kitten fur!

Smosh- Ian: Some drawing he have.

Antony: (Laugh)

EpicMealTime: Fake again, stop faking up story.

Nigahiga: ...What?!

Pewdiepie: (Laughing hard)

Cutiepie: (Laugh)

Tobuscus: Why do they faking it up?

Lord Tourettes: (giggles) Well, that's... pretty good...

Red: Ha! You have a manly story?

Lord Tourettes: You bet your sweet ass! (giggles) One gay day in spring, I was just FUCKING around in a field fuuull of flowers!...

Blue: (whispers to Red) This is gonna be good!

Smosh- Ian: What the heck!

Antony: (Laughing hard)

EpicMealTime: Um... is that a boy or a girl?

Nigahiga: ...WHAT THE FU-

Pewdiepie: (Laughing hard)

Cutiepie: This better not be bad.

Tobuscus: This make me want to puke in his face.

(A flashback is shown.)

Lord Tourettes: ...and colourful COCKSUCKING butterflies! I decided to make a bouquet, so I picked 100 daisies! It was so GODDAMN hard, but I did it! (giggles) Then I took the daisies to a fluffy-wuffy bear, and then I (shows Lord Tourettes humping the bear.) FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF HIM (Shows how Lord Tourettes rips the bear's skin with is mouth, as blood pours out & then he rips his head off, drinking the blood coming out.) WHILE I FEASTED UPON HIS FLAILING BONES & FLESH!

(The flashback ends as Lord Tourettes giggles to himself.)

Smosh- Ian:...

Antony: ...(laughing)

EpicMealTime: ...

Nigahiga: ...

Pewdiepie: ...

Cutiepie: ...

Tobuscus: ...It was going so well... this happen...

Blue: Ugh... guess you win.

Red: Big time.

(Mr. Dingleberry vomits on the table.)

Lord Tourettes: (Lays 4 cards on the table) Yippee-ki-ay, MOTHERFUCKER! I win!

(Three prostitutes come into the room.)

Lord Tourettes: Prostitutes! Hahaha!

(1 prostitute hands over a shot to Lord Tourettes, who downs it and belches with flames. The prostitutes start dancing.)

Lord Tourettes: Yeah, baby! Back that ass up! Hahahahaa! (while smacking the orange-pink prostitute's ass)

Blue: (in shock) What have we done?

All: ...

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