Imitator Blue
Air date June 5, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13, Df red or blue?
Directed by Df red or blue?
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Little Blue accidentally kills Blue, and disguises himself as Blue to make sure Pink and Blink don't worry.


(Blue is in heavy armor while LB is holding a machine gun)

Little Blue: You ready?

Blue: Uhh, are you sure this is a good idea?

Little Blue: Of course.


(Blue is dead and LB is giving him CPR)

Little Blue: Come on!

Red: Told ya he'd die instantly

Little Blue: You recorded it! (sighs) I killed my brother! How are Pink and Blink going to react? I'll have to pretend to be Blue to spare their feelings.

Red: Yeah good luck doing THAT! (laughs while walking away)

Little Blue: (throws a bomb down the street and Red's hat lands next to him on fire) This had better work. (takes off his hood) Well, I guess I'm Blue... until the next episode. (walks back to Blue's house) I'm home!

Blink: Yay! Daddy's home!

Pink: Blue! Back so soon?

"Blue": Yep. Apperently the test was... cut short.

Pink: Oh thank goodness you didn't die or anything.

"Blue": (chuckles) Yeah. (weakly) Yay...

Pink: You look tired. Why don't you come to bed?

"Blue": Sure. Blink, teeth, now.

Blink: Aww! Fine! (goes into the bathroom)

"Blue": (groans as he gets in the bed) I am dog tired!

Pink: Well let's get some sleep okay? (turns off the light)

(They wake up in the morning)

"Blue": (yawns) I feel so much better.

(Pink is massaging his back)

Pink: Does that feel better Blue sweetie?

"Blue": (guilty) Yeah...

(Blink gets on the bed and "Blue" groans)

Little Blue: Little knees always find that spot!

Blink: Good morning daddy.

"Blue": (even more guilty) Morning Blink.

Pink: Alright, let's go get breakfast.

("Blue" is making breakfast, but in the style that LB usually does. Pink notices he's doing it differently)

Pink: Uhh, Blue? Are you okay?

"Blue": Yeah, It's just my brother told me to do it like this.

Pink: Oh...

"Blue": (hands Blink his pancakes) Guys, I have to tell you something...

Blink and Pink: What?

"Blue": Little Blue has just left town.

Pink: Oh. Where to?

"Blue": Uh... Italy!

Pink: Oh wow! Well, I hope he enjoys his trip there.

"Blue": (hands Pink her omulet) Hurry Blink, we still gotta take you to school!

Blink: Oh no! I'm gonna be late!

"Blue": You don't want to miss saying hi to Ellen! (covers his mouth because Blue never really met Ellen)

Pink: What did you just say Blue?

"Blue": Uh... (has a flashback of LB looking through a security camera of Blink's school)

Little Blue: Looks like Blink has a friend.

"Blue:" (comes out of flashback) Uhhh... (Pink is impatientally waiting)

Pink: Well?! Who's Ellen?!

Blink: It's okay Mommy, Ellen's my friend at School!

Pink: But you never told us.. Blue?!

"Blue": I saw Ellen last time I picked him up.

Pink: Ok. So, is Ellen really nice Blink?

Blink: She's wonderful!

"Blue": See? One more bite and we can go, Blink.

Blink: Okay Daddy.

(Blink finishes and gets ready)

"Blue": Pink, didn't you say you don't work today?

Pink: Nah, I've got the day off.

"Blue": I don't work either, so I geuss we should do something together. (nerveously chuckles)

Pink: Oh no! Take Blink to school first! We can't say that in front of him!

"Blue": (doesn't realize) What?


"Blue": (scared) Ok! (realizes) Uh oh. (runs to the car) God no!

(After, "Blue" comes home)

Pink: I hope you dropped him off.

"Blue": Yes I did. (fakes a headache to get out o it) Ow!

Pink: Oh Blue! (runs to him) Are you okay?!

"Blue": (still faking) Yeah, I'm fine. I just need to get that spare ice pack in the closet. (grabs an icepack) God. (thinking) I can't keep this up! I feel way to guilty. (looks in the mirror) What the? (sees a bit of hair) Shit! Blue doesn't have hair! I can't let Pink see this!

Pink: Blue? Are you okay?

"Blue": (covering it and speaking) Yeah. Just hurts really bad.

Pink: Take a rest Blue, you've had a long day. (kisses his forehead)

"Blue": (a bit of smoke comes off where Pink kissed him) Sure.

Pink: Blue? Why is there smoke coming out of your head where I kissed you?

"Blue": No reason. (the hair grows to where Pink can see it)

Pink: (screams) Blue! Why is there hair on your head?!

"Blue": (pretending) Must be coming back from when I did have hair.

Pink: Blue, you never had hair in your life.

"Blue": Remember? (flashback into Baldy Blue)

Pink: Oh yeah.

"Blue": Yep. (Pink sees a picture of LB with hair and it looks EXACTALLY the same)

Pink: HANG ON! How come your hair looks like LIttle Blue's?!

"Blue": We're brothers, don't you expect something to look exactly alike? (Pink starts thinking)

Pink: No! You two never look the same!

"Blue": (groans) I CAN'T TAKE THIS! (puts the hood back on)

Little Blue: There. Happy?

Pink: LITTLE BLUE?! Why were you disguising as Blue?!


(Pink starts feeling bad)

Pink: LB, I don't hate you... It's just, you could have told me earlier.

Little Blue: (still crying) I couldn't! I was too scared! And you couldn't pay rent by yourself! You and Blink would be kicked out and be mad at me more!

Pink: (smiles) Little Blue, I'm so proud of you. I know you killed Blue by accident. But you helped us pay the rent and take care of us. Trust me, if Blue and I weren't together, I would have been with you. (kisses his cheek)

(Blue walks in with a full body cast)

Pink: BLUE! (hugs him) Your not dead!

Blue: Yeah, but I AM BADLY INJURED!

Little Blue: I think that's a bad idea Pink!

(Blue screams in pain)


Pink: Sorry.

Blue: So, what went on in here?

Pink: Well Little Blue tried posing as you and..

Blue: WHAT!?!

Pink: He thought you were dead.

Blue: Well, you paid rent, and that was punishment enough for you. Hey! You got your hair back!

Little Blue: Yeah, I don't think it really fits me. (pours acid on it)

Blue: Uhh, that's gonna melt your head.

Little Blue: Well, it's nothing compared to the guilt I had every time Blink called me dad! Do you want to know how much that hurt me inside?

Blue: Yeah, let's see some tears.

Little Blue: Fine! (strains himself trying to cry) Wow, this acid does not let you cry!

(Blink comes home from school)

Blink: I'm back!

Little Blue: Talk about short days. (Blink tackles him with excitement)

Blink: Hi UNCLE!

Little Blue: Hey buddy, I'm back from Italy!

Blink: I hope you had fun there!

Little Blue: I sure did. (hugs him) And I'm not going anywhere now.

Pink: That is so sweet! (takes a picture)

Blue: You might want to crop out the acid.



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