Red: I hate The Prom

Blue: Oh come on! You will see Stacy

Red: Hmph ! I guess.....

Blue: Lets Go!

As they Open The door They saw cannibals

Blue: Cannibals !

Red: Blue, Survivors!

Lord Tourettes: Dude, Get the @#%& out!

Red: Lord Tourettes what happened!

Lord Tourettes: Cannibals invaded the &*)%^&#* Prom

Blue looks at the glaas at the door he saw cannibals attacking Segmiel the Red took a gun to save Segmiel


Red: Huh?!

Cannibals: AHHHHH!

Red: @$%^

So Red keep shooting


Red: Huh?!




Blue: Dude C'mon!

Segiel Open the lever of the grenade


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