Jade's Infernal Past Part Four
Air date 4-17-14
Written by AndrewBrauer & Mdkid663
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Location Unknown Location
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 After getting sucked into the sun, Jade and Jones wake up in a white, endless room, and to make it worse, Inferna has entered the same room as well. Now the three must put their issues aside and evaluate the problem and hopefully find a solution.



(Jade wakes up in a white room that has no walls)

Jade: Where am I? (Sees Jones body next to her) Jones?

Jones: (Wakes up) Yeah, what that was some crazy sh… (Notices the room they're in) where are we?

Jade: (Gets up) I don't know.

(Jade helps Jones up and they walk around and there still is nothing)

Jones: Is this a fucking dream or something?

Jade: If it was a dream, then why are we in the same dream?

Jones: Then this isn't a dream then.

(Suddenly they see Inferna's body as she wakes up)

Inferna: What the hell happened?

Jade: You tell me, we just woke up in this endless white room.

Jones: (To Inferna) I should kill you! (Opens his eyepatch and it appears normal) What the fuck? I don't have my laser eye, or my telekinesis!

Inferna: Same here with my pyrokinetic powers.

Jade: Do you know what happened?

Inferna: Not a clue.

Unknown Voice: The question you should really be asking is, why? And what you did.

Jade: Who are you?

Unknown Voice: That it not important, but that you are placed here for messing with the laws.

Inferna: Laws of phy- Oh fuck.

Jones: Well this is fucking great! Why did you have to create something that could destroy all of humanity by messing with physics in general?

Jade: Now we're trapped here and no one knows where we are.

Inferna: Well, It's not like we should put aside our issues.

Jade: Then what are we suppose to do.

Unknown Voice: You must figure that out yourself.

Jones: Fuck!

Inferna: Well. (to Jade and Jones) I don't like you two, so I'm not gonna figure this out with you.

Jade: (To Inferna) Then what are you going to do then? You have no powers now!

Inferna: How am I supposed to know!?

Jade: Maybe if we work together, we can figure this shit out.

Jones: Fuck no! (Crosses his arms and looks away)

Inferna: Over my hot flaming ass! (crosses her arms and looks away)

Jade: (Sighs) Well then, I guess we're all trapped here forever then.

Jones: I don't give a shit!

Inferna: Same here.

Jade: You know this really isn't helping one bit.

Jones: Then what do you think will help?

Jade: I don't know, but you two pouting about this will just make it worse.

Inferna: So who wants US to get along!? No fucking way!

Jade: (To Inferna) Why do you act like you know everything? Even when now we don't!

Inferna: I'm not acting like that! I never work with any heroes or mortals!

Jade: Well then what about this? There are no heroes, or villains, or even a mortal. Now it's just three powerless people doing jack shit!

Inferna: Fine! Bitch.

Jones: Jade, you can't do anything. She's a monster and always will be.

Inferna: I hear that!

Jade: Then why don't we just talk, it'll pass up the time and no one gets hurt. (Sits down)

Jones: (Shrugs) Fine, but only because there isn't nothing else to do here.

(Jones sits down next to Jade while Inferna rolls her eyes and sits down next to her)

Inferna: So, how should we part the time?

Jade: Well, maybe we should just talk, maybe about each other.

Jones: For a time like this, it seems like the only option.

Inferna: Okay, Jade. What do you do in your free time?

Jade: I'm a professional killer, who teaches martial arts and sometimes gets thrown into silly shit with Wolf or Rapper.

Inferna: As a pyrokinetic, I cause many wildfires and fire storms around the city. I also do traditional fire dances in a hot swimsuit. And who the hell is Wolf and Rapper?

Jade: Competition, those two are killers as well.

Jones: Thanks to me, I help her become complete with the newest weapons and find anyone worth killing.

Jade: My goal is to be the best killer in the world.

Inferna: I see, don't you know Wolf is WAY out of your league?

Jade: Why do you think I'm training to become better than him?

Jones: Exactly, otherwise your just weak.

Inferna: No, I mean that don't you wanna see how Wolf kills?

Jade: I know how he kills, I just try to do it better.

Jones: Damn straight.

Jade: (To Inferna) So when did you come into the world?

Inferna: I just grew old until the modern time.

Jade: What about when you first came onto earth, what did you do after meeting me for the first time when we were ten?

Inferna: My ancestors sealed me away in a stone.

Jade: Because you were too powerful?

Inferna: Exactly.

Jones: What about before you were sealed away, what did you do that made you so evil?

Inferna: I didn't do ANYTHING. There is this phoenix spirit that awakened within me.

Jade: Why don't you learn more about this phoenix spirit and hopefully stop it if it gets out of control?

Inferna: I decided to let it take control of me since there's nothing to learn about this inner phoenix.

Jade: So it's that powerful.

Jones: No wonder you caused destruction and death everywhere you went.

Jade: So this inner phoenix has been pushing me away from you all these years, that's horrible.

Inferna: I know, but I decide the path I choose and get used to everything I've done.

Jade: Well, not just you. When I was a kid, I had various paths to choose from, but I chose the wrong one and left my parents.

Jones: I never knew why you did that?

Jade: Because they lived a life of crime, and I have to realize, I'm going down that same path right now, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Jones: It has it's benefits, if you didn't leave your parents, we would've never met, you never would've gotten the self-confidence you have today, you wouldn't be considered one of the best killers in the world.

Jade: (Sighs) That is true.

Inferna: Same thing goes for Wolf, Rapper and the black guy.

Jade & Jones: Ryle?

Inferna: Yeah, whatever his name is.

Jones: My past is so blurry, I can hardly remember it.

Jade: Do you remember anything?

Jones: Nope, expect what did happened was that I gained superpowers, a smart brain, and a laser eye. Best thing to ever happen to me. Well that and of course you. (Nods to Jade)

Jade: And don't you forget it.

(Jade giggles and Jones sighs)

Jones: Well, if the sun is pulling in everything humanly possible, maybe there's a way to stop it.

(Inferna tries to think of something)

Jones: Maybe if we get rid of the machine completely, everything will go back to normal.

Inferna: We can work with that.

Jade: But we still have to deal with the sun pulling everything in.

Jones: We'll come up with something.

Jade: But, we have to do it together, otherwise we'll all be burnt to a crisp.

Jones: Anything to solve all this bullshit.

Jade: Yeah, and then get everything back to normal. (Looks down)

(Inferna hugs Jade and blushes a bit)

Jade: Inferna? (Blushes a little)

Inferna: Just for good luck.

Jones: (Smiles) So you do have a heart?

Inferna: Well. (smiles) Kinda.

(Suddenly a door appears out of nowhere and it shows the world)

Jones: It's a door back to the world!

Unknown Voice: You have discovered a way to solve the problem in a reasonable way, and have put your issues aside to save the world. You are now free.

Jade: Amazing, let's go!

Inferna: Finally.

End of Part Four

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