Janethia - DF OC
I defend the light
Vital statistics
Title Good
Gender Female
Species Heavenly being
Status alive
Friends good people
Enemies evil people
Job Heavenly Warrior
Sexual Orientation Straight
Affilations Heaven's Army
Age ageless
Nationality Heaven
Known for being an angel
Weapon of choice Heavenly single edge blade
Color aqua
Hair Color same
Eye Color Emerald green
IQ average
Height average
Weight light
Times dead None


A New OC for Dick Figures. A heavenly knight who was sent along with her brother to fight the evil known as Saigron. She is descended from heaven by her God's request. She, like her brother came to not only fight against Saigron but help the people of earth.


After finding out where Saigron was, Janethia heard that her brother was charged with the task of seeking him out and stopping him. Jamethia then pleaded to accompany her brother to fight against Saigron. God acknowledged her request and was sent down to world of Stick figures to seek out and fight Saigron. little did they know that much else was happening with sith's, sorcerers, demons, psychopaths, ninja's, and englishmen. She then found out that she was going to have a lot to do in this crazy world of stick figures. Also, she will learn about people who have strange powers and random attitudes, not to mention their crazy adventures.


  • Defensive swordsmanship
  • Float
  • Glide
  • Light weight
  • Heart persuasion
  • Voice of soothing


  • Holy Barrier
  • Holy Heal
  • Holy Flash
  • Holy Spirit Shields
  • Holy Armor
  • Holy Force


Heavenly Knight


  • Warrioress from Heaven
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Compassionate
  • Humble
  • Respectful
  • Gentle
  • Wise
  • Responsible
  • Innocent
  • Brave
  • Fights for good only
  • Follows the path of light
  • Skills are based on defense
  • Voice soothes souls
  • Micaillas' Sister
  • Uses a single edged holy sword
  • High faith in God
  • High spiritual wisdom


Me Party ( The Muppets)01:41

Me Party ( The Muppets)


Voice of Amy Adams


Svetozar Sasa Kovacevic - Stabat Mater - Virgo virginum06:38

Svetozar Sasa Kovacevic - Stabat Mater - Virgo virginum


Janethia's Theme


  • 1/5 Unicorn Barf!
  • 2/5 It was like Meh.
  • 3/5 I guess it was... pretty good.
  • 4/5 This is like crazy right?

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