Jealousy 2
Jealousy 2
Who is that girl he's hanging out with?
Air date March 10th, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13, CookieEyes, AndrewBrauer, and Alpha-Lonewolf
Directed by YoshiRocker13
Location Park
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When Ellen sees Blink hanging out with Lass and becomes Jealous. She must eventually tell Blink how she really feels about him.



(Blink is sitting on a park bench humming to himself.)

Blink: What to do today Blinky pie? (giggles) That's what my Mommy calls me.

(Alice approaches Blink)

Alice: Hey Blink.

(Blink looks up at Alice and stares at her.)

Alice: How's it going? I haven't seen you since what happened at the mall.

(shows Lass petting ducks near a pond)

Blink: (gasps) It's Lass! (calls out) HI LASS!

Alice: You know her?

Blink: She's my friend.

Alice: Oh cool!

Lass: (waves) Hi Blink.

(Blink runs to Lass.)

Blink: Watcha doing?

Lass: Feeding the duckies. they always seem to like me when I come here. maybe they think I'm the momma duck.

(Ellen is skipping through the park singing to herself.)

Ellen: (singing) La lala la, lalala la~

Lass: (holds a duckling to Blink) Want to hold it?

Blink: Oh yes please! (holds the duck, who lightly bites Blink's head.) That tickles!

(Ellen watches Blink with Lass.)

Lass: The wee ducky is just playing.

Ellen: Hm? Is that Blink? Who's that with him?

Blink: (notices Ellen) Hi Ellen!

Ellen: (waves) Hi.

(Before Blink could approach Ellen, Lass tries taking Blink to another place.)

Lass: I want to show you something else!

Blink: Oh uh! B- Bye Ellen!

(Ellen feels a little jealous and looks down at her feet.)

Alice: (approaches Ellen) Is everything okay little girl?

Ellen: (quietly) Yeah...

Alice: I see, you must be jealous.

Ellen: I'm what?

Alice: Jealous, it's when you have feelings for someone, but you can't be with him because of someone or something. So I'm guessing you never felt that before?

Ellen: No...?

Alice: Well, I'm sure nothing is going on between them, but we can go check it out if you want?

Ellen: Umm, okay.

(Back to Lass and Blink.)

Lass: (shows a new spell) I can make ice now.

Blink: Oooh! Show me!

Lass: (makes a couple of ice sculptures of them) I don't know how to use them as an attack though.

(Ellen and Alice watches them.)

Alice: So you like Blink?

Ellen: Yeah.

Alice: Well, maybe you should do something to show that to him.

Ellen: Well, I talk to him a lot.

(Thomas approaches them)

Thomas: Hey Alice, who's this?

Alice: This is Ellen, apparently she has a thing for Blink.

Thomas: Well, you should do something. Maybe give him a gift.

Red: (appears) GIve the kid a kiss. (disappears)

Alice: That is, if your ready.

Ellen: I dunno.

Thomas: Well, I know how you feel, but let me tell you something kid, if you hide your feelings then that significant other will never know about your feelings.

Ellen: Well, if you say it like that...

Alice: I agree, it sounds like you want to be Blink.

Ellen: Yes.

Alice: Well, it's up to you.

Ellen: ...I will go.

(Ellen slowly approaches Blink and Ellen while Thomas and Alice give her a Thumbs up.)

Lass: I can even make snowballs (forms a small snowball) I'm still trying to learn to make it the right size.

Ellen: Uhh, h-hi.

Lass: Oh hi,. What is your name?

Ellen: E-Ellen.

Lass: My name is Lass. Are you Blink's girlfriend?

(Blink hears this and his whole face turns red.)

Ellen: (blushes) Uhh...

Lass: you know, Like a girl that's a friend?

Ellen: Oh. Y-Yeah.

Blink: Uh y-yeah! Definitely!

(Cuts to Thomas and Alice.)

Alice: This doesn't look like it's going well.

Thomas: (Sighs) Yeah.

(Cuts back to Blink, Ellen, and Lass.)

Lass: I was showing Blink this new spell i learned. Do you know any?

Ellen: No I don't.

Lass: I'm not real good at spells like everyone else.

Ellen: Uhh, Blink?

Blink: Hmm?

Ellen: Can I tell you something?

Blink: Sure, what is it?

Ellen: I...I really like you.

Blink: (blushes) Y- You do??

(Ellen nods)

(Blink sighs dreamily as small love hearts float around him. Ellen smiles and gives Blink a light kiss on the cheek.)

Lass: are you both going to be a mum and daddy when you grow up?

Blink: (wide-eyed as his face turns red again) Uhh...

Ellen: (blushes from embarrassment) H-Hey!

Blink: Uhh, maybe not a good time Lass... (gulps)

Lass: (hugs them both) I wish you both a fun future. (skips off)

Blink: Oookaaay...

(Ellen smiles at Blink and holds his hand.)

Blink: (blushes nervously) Uhh...

Ellen: So...wanna go get some ice cream?

Blink: S-Sure!

(Blink and Ellen walk away into the sunset still holding hands.)



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