Joey is a unknown person that like to mess around with his power turning into object, people, and other. The unknown object on his forehead is call a cryment. If he see or think of someone, he can turn into that person with his cryment that show when it glow. He would copy the person hair or the body. He also a happy person like Heather, no he doesn't make people happy. He mostly make song and be a rapper and a DJ. With the cryment on him, no one can stop him cause since he green, he have a lot of energy.

He also a great singer and love adventure. The cryment turn him to each element and other. He can maybe the gods, but not. He can be also silly, sometimes. This can be like Eleven, but he... you know.


  • Can be silly
  • Do a lot a sonic rainbow boom
  • Too many energy
  • Copy
  • Great singer
  • A DJ and Rapper
  • Nothing kill him
  • Can heal other
  • Love adventure
  • Grow money


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