Johhny Star
Johhny Star
She looks like heaven, or maybe this is hell


Most Everyone


Rainbow (when he's the green personality)

Weapon Of Choice

Guitar Axe Shotgun



Times Dead



Kitten Named Truffles



Real Name

Lavernius Tucker


Johhny Star wears a fedora and is gray.


He can turn the most hardcore lesbian straight and take the virginity of the most dedicated virgins. Basically he is charismatic as fuck.


He seduces women for information and sex and can talk a guy into doing anything for him which he does these things a lot he has a larger than life attitude most of the time but can be really serious. He really enjoys music.


He is a music star and performs mostly at the local bars.


He has a magic chest passed down through his family anything its size can be pulled out of it.

He has a kitten named Truffles.

He carries a guitar that transforms into a Guitar Axe Shotgun that is fired by playing it.

He also flashes red when angry, red being his true color (chest is cursed)

Childhood of a Star

Johhny was homeschooled his entire childhood but often snuck out went into the forest and played guitar for the small animals. he'd occasionally see another kid that was green with a hat exploring

Picture 5

Him playing for some squirells

He wore the same fedora he does as an adult; as a kid it would cover his eyes because it was too big.


Out Clubbin -

Regular -

Battle -

Intense Battle -

Travel -

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